Peeking out from their super-private personal lives, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher just announced that they’re expecting their second baby just 20 months after having daughter Wyatt Isabelle. While it may seem like Mila is taking motherhood in stride, especially with her new movie, Bad Moms, hitting the scene, it turns out that there are some parenting-related fears she’s still harboring. Specifically, she fears a “demon baby.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Months before revealing (perhaps even before she knew) that she was expecting baby #2, Mila spoke to Pop Sugar about motherhood. Acknowledging that her little Wyatt is manageable — especially with the help of her hubby and parents — she admits that she fears a possible demon baby in the future. “I only have one little human. She’s not so bad… I have an amazing husband and my parents live in the same town as I do… but she’s only 17 months old. She’s rambunctious but she’s not there yet where she’s two and a half and I’m like ‘Holy sh*t, this is demon baby.’”

Although most (if not ALL) kids go through their terrible times and can definitely be the ultimate stress test, we’re sure Mila can manage. Support and humor seem to be her keys to parenting success. “I think people like to know they’re not alone. I think that the second you’re like, ‘Oh wait,’ and that you can put humor at it, and it’s something that you can make light of.”

Demon baby or not, we’re sure at the end of the day Mila and Ashton will end up with two little angels.

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photos via kunismilax, Stephen Dunn,Ethan Miller/Getty)