Scandinavians know how to make styles sing with merry minimalism, and their holiday decor is no exception. Sparkling simplicity meets chic sophistication with these Scandi decor ideas, and nests far and wide are all a little better for it. Expect to find stunning silhouettes, playful patterns and a wide range of minimalist alternatives to traditional styles. Rather than get overwhelmed by an abundance of decorations, embrace a minimalist aesthetic and let these stellar ideas be your inspiration.


1. Twinkle Garland: Garland is great. Twinkle lights are grand. Put ’em together and what do you get? A very merry minimalist Christmas. (via Homey Oh My)


2. Sweet Silhouettes: When it comes to Scandi decor, the art is in the placement. This bright window beautifully showcases the simple silhouettes of this low-key style. (via Nordic Design)


3. Bare Essentials: The holidays are busy, but they needn’t be overwhelming. Scandi decor is an amazing way to serve up sparkling holiday goodness in seconds. All you need is a branch and a handful of pretty bulbs. (via The Lovely Drawer)


4. Happy Houses: You don’t need to go color crazy to make designs sparkle. Play with similar materials in different hues to make a layered impact. (via Thea Home)


5. Starry Alternative: If the thought of dragging a big ol’ Christmas tree into the living room is daunting, consider this starry alternative. It’s super simple to make and it’s chic minimalism at its finest. (via Fashion Landscape)


6. DIY Makeshift Xmas Tree Wall Hanging: This lovely design is another alternative to lugging a tree in and out of your abode. A few branches in descending order will create a sophisticated, enviable design. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


7. Cozy Minimalism: Soft textures paired with whites and grays make for a winter wonderland with all kinds of cozy. Experiment with different textures and silhouettes to really make this idea shine. (via My Scandinavian Home)


8. Playful Pattern: Sure, you can have one Christmas tree. Or, you can have a whole bunch of ’em in a playful pattern without any needles to vacuum up. (via Apartment Therapy)


9. DIY Wood Bead Ornaments: Just because you’re embracing Scandi-style doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a wide variety of ideas. The trick is simplifying each idea so that they can complement one another harmoniously. These wooden ornaments are a good place to start. (via Nalle’s House)


10. DIY Branch Stocking Display: At a loss for how to decorate this season? Head outside and pick up a branch or two to make minimalist magic. (via The Merry Thought)


11. Monochrome Love: There’s nothing dull about sticking to one color for the holidays. In fact, a monochromatic color scheme can pack a sophisticated punch unrivaled by its colorful counterparts. (via Daily Chiccherie)


12. DIY Balsa Wood Christmas Tree: Scandinavian style can make a pattern shine like no other. Dip and dot your favorite decor for a simply sweet holiday touch. (via Lia Griffith)


13. Wondrous Words: Sometimes the decorating mission is all in the message. Use your words to your decor’s advantage with this clever idea. (via All Beauty All the Time)


14. DIY Scandi-Chic Christmas Tree: If Scandinavian style teaches us anything, it’s that there’s more than one way to do, well, anything. This cozy basket full of fluff might just be what your tree’s been missing. (via Front + Main)

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