We don’t know about you, but for those of us at Brit + Co. mornings can be a challenge! So first thing when we wake up, we need a little something to brighten our day—literally. We thought it might be a bit impractical to hang a disco ball in our bathroom, although we did give it serious consideration. Instead we went with the next best thing—disco ball inspired bath accessories. They might not spin or play cheesy music, but they do add a megawatt of sparkle and shine to your morning routine. The best part is that they are super simple to make. Take a look!

 – acrylic bath accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, pump dispenser)

– two sizes of mirrored mosaic tiles
E-6000 glue

 1. Arrange your tiles in the desired pattern on your organizer.

2. Starting in one corner glue each piece to the container. Try to maintain as even spacing as possible.

3. Wait for the glue to dry (we used the quick hold kind!), then clean off any excess glue.

It’s key to arrange your pattern first. That way you’ll know what fits and won’t end up having to remove tiles. We mixed the large and small tiles in the designs to make them more interesting. If you want to make it look more like a disco ball, just use the small tiles.

By starting on the corners, you can ensure that everything will line up to the edge of the piece. Plus, this way the corner tiles won’t budge as you pick up and position the center pieces.

This soap dish was sized perfectly for a single large tile and two small tiles. It was meant to be!

And here’s the final set! If you want a more colorful look, paint the acrylic pieces a bright color before gluing on the tiles.

What would you cover in mirror tiles to go disco ball chic? Tell us in the comments!