It’s no secret that we love a good lookbook. Whether it’s of some super cool tech chicks showing off their favorite undergarments or Madewell’s expectedly gorgeous fall looks, we’re a sucker for it all. So you can bet that when we heard ModCloth teamed up with Amina Mucciolo for a summer shoot, we got pretty excited – and after one look at these color-tastic shots, it was obvious that our enthusiasm was not for nothing.


If you’re not yet familiar with Amina Mucciolo, she’s the super fashionable and inspirational force behind Studio Mucci, an online shop that sells some of the cutest decor a party will ever see. She has a killer sense of style and even cooler hair. So pairing her with ModCloth’s playful clothing seems like a totally natural fit.


The lookbook is essentially an even mix of Studio Mucci and Mod Cloth products (talk about collaboration at its finest). The result? Basically the epitome of summer fun. In one shot Mucciolo is rocking an emoji tee with a lilac midi, and in another she’s sporting a woven cat purse while wearing a bathing suit printed with scoops of ice cream. Mucciolo styled all the looks herself.


To check out where to buy the products featured in the photos (Studio Mucci or ModCloth), head on over to Mucciolo’s blog, Tassel Fairy. You might be kissing that mid-month paycheck goodbye, but you’ll be saying hello to the cutest summer wardrobe ever.

What is your favorite product from this lookbook? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via Tassel Fairy)