One of the biggest struggles of planning for a new baby after the excitement of announcements, baby showers, and teeny-tiny onesies has worn off is the question of logistics: Where will a baby fit into a couple’s current home? As CEO of Modsy, Shanna Tellerman has more experience than most when it comes to creative space solutions, but even she had to think outside the box when it came to creating a home base for baby. Her solution? Convert a surprisingly narrow breakfast nook into a sweet, gender-neutral nursery. The result is cozy and comfortable (even in such a small space), proving that a little ingenuity is the best quality in any parent-to-be.

“Our number one goal when designing the nursery was to include everything the baby needs. Since the nursery space is small, we wanted to focus on the key pieces that would be essential to the room: the bassinet, the recliner, and the changing table. By focusing on these pieces, it made our small space perfect for a nursery!” says Tellerman. “The first thing I learned (that was maybe already known and obvious to everyone else!) is that babies don’t sleep in cribs until they are 6 months or older. This was actually a relief given the tiny space, so we decided on a bassinet that could easily be moved from our room to the nursery during the first 6 months.”

In such a small room, proper lighting is essential to keep it from feeling closet-like. That’s why Tellerman included a floor lamp in addition to the overhead lighting, keeping things bright and cheery. “We wanted to capture a feeling of warmth and sunshine,” Tellerman tells us. “This was easy in some ways because of the large windows in the nursery, but also hard because the decor we were attracted to (and what is trendy) is gender-neutral gray and white.” In spite of the largely neutral color scheme, there’s still plenty of personality packed into this tiny area. “The small pops of color in the rug, pillows, and accessories were key,” Tellerman says.

“We wanted the space to feel personal,” Tellerman emphasizes. “We also aligned on an animal theme as it reflects our love for all kinds of animals.” Baby animal motifs are echoed throughout the nursery without overwhelming the minimalist vibe. “I love the baby pig photo because it is just simply adorable! It also reminds us of a pig we met while traveling in Scotland before we were married. That pig was so memorable and this looks like it could be her little baby!” she says.

Personal touches extend to sentimental keepsakes too. “My husband and I included personal elements throughout the nursery from some of our own baby memorabilia, such as our baby books and blankets,” she explains.

Tellerman designed the nursery for her baby, but she kept grown-up needs in mind too. “Imagining late nights and many tired moments in the space, I wanted to feel like [the room] was nurturing, soft, and welcoming.” That meant a comfy chair was a must. “Recliners are very much a personal choice, but I did a lot of research to understand what size and features most people appreciate, and a few things popped out,” she says. “It was clear we wanted a footrest, and we wanted a tall back that would allow us to rest our heads.”

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(Images via Modsy)