Any breastfeeding mom knows that finding a place to pump when you can’t be with your kiddo can be a challenge. And this is especially true for moms on the go, working or not. Thankfully, there is a new organization looking to offer up a solution.

Tina Lee is the founder of Mother Coders, an organization trying to better integrate moms into the tech sphere. During a recent Tech Inclusion Conference, she set up a mobile breastfeeding trailer called “Mommy Pod.” The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Mommy Pod was an RV parked outside the conference to give moms a chance to pump in privacy and comfort. Based on a Twitter picture from Mommy Pod, it looks kind of like a Red Tent on wheels complete with comfy couches and gratis fancy coconut water — check it out:

If Lee can make Mommy Pod financially sustainable, she would like to turn it into a real thing. Women have already taken to Twitter to ask for Mommy Pod at their tech conferences, so hopefully we’ll hear about their first round of funding soon.

If the tech industry expects to gain more female contributors, they need to keep thinking seriously about how to make things safe and happy for working moms. Also a little free coconut water never hurts!

Working moms, moms on the go: What improvements a la Mommy Pod would make your life easier or better? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t San Francisco Chronicle, photos via @mommypod)