We all know what a lifesaver a battery-boosting phone case can be, but what’s the fun of being able to use your iPhone 24/7 if you’ve sucked up all your storage space? We’re so quick to snap a selfie, add the newest apps, and download our favorite music that before you know it, 16GB has become a Hoarders-style digital space that’s full to the brim. Save buying a new phone with more storage, Apple users were screwed. But now, you can double—or even triple—your 5/5s storage space while extending your battery life simply by buying a phone case.

Mophie’s Space Pack features the same 1,700mAh backup battery as its well-known Juice Packs, but tags on the mind-blowing feature of local built-in storage. Available in both 16GB and 32GB models, the smartphone case allows users to save, share, and access all kinds of files without using a data network or taking up space on their iPhones. Got a full iPhone Camera Roll? Not anymore—free up space without deleting any your pics in an instant. Why ever synch your phone to a computer again? Space Pack is all you need.

Space Pack makes it easy to access and manage everything you store through its Space app, a minimally designed dashboard that organizes all of your digital stuff—video, music, photos, and docs—into easy-to-view files. But the app isn’t the only user-friendly aspect of Space Pack: the case itself, available in black or silver, is sleek and simple, though expectedly bulky, resembling an iPhone 3-like turtle shell when your phone is locked and loaded. But hey, if we have to flash some retro-looking tech for these serious space age perks, we’ll deal with it.

Even though, apparently, there are some quirks that are actually worth griping about, we’re still pumped about what this advancement means for iPhone users. Everything you could ever want to access on a computer is now at your fingertips all the time. With Space Pack, information and entertainment are more seamlessly mobile than they have ever been before. You can pre-order one now for $149.95 (16GB) and $179.95 (32BG), which will ship out on March 14.

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