Since the Instagram account Fashion Dads came onto the scene, dads have kind of become the laughing stock of the fashion world. Their style is viewed as largely misguided, nonexistent and downright laughable (poor dad). And sure, maybe our dads have made some pretty questionable sartorial decisions (who hasn鈥檛?), but there are plenty of guys out there that put this less-than-fashionable father stereotype to shame. From fashion bloggers to former rabbis 鈥 seriously! 鈥 and your average joes, these 10 fashion-forward fathers are some of our Instagram faves.


1. @codywestonandrew: The force behind Hello His and husband to influential fashion blogger Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion Blog, Cody Andrew knows what鈥檚 up when it comes to putting together a stylish ensemble. Not only are his Insta feed and blog a great source for some outfit inspo, but he also offers styling tidbits and there鈥檚 even a whole category dedicated to 鈥淒ad Stuff.鈥 Awesome.


2. @ahmad_asb: This dad looks like he could rub shoulders with the fashion elite, and he kind of does. He and his wife Ascia run the style blog The Hybrids, where they share their totally on-point #OOTDs and style adventures. When he鈥檚 not busy working as a mechanical engineer, that is. Brains and sartorial sensibilities? That鈥檚 a win-win if you ask us.


3. @afrosamorai: We鈥檙e not sure what we love more, Dualleh Abdulrahma鈥檚 perfectly put-together getups with undeniable throwback flair, or the stylist and image consultant鈥檚 impeccably dressed mini me. This is one seriously dapper duo.

4. If you鈥檙e familiar with Alanna Durkovich鈥檚 personal style blog Xander Vintage, then you know how fantastic all of her images are. Meet the guy behind the lens, her husband Mat. Not only is he a talented photographer, but he鈥檚 got some serious style credentials too. And while Alana his wife and his son, Noah, feature frequently on his Instagram feed, there are plenty of glimpses of his own nonchalant but totally spot-on ensembles.


5. @terrancewilson: Terrance Wilson is all about keeping it real. His approachable urban style is casually cool and feels anything but forced. The guy also knows how to work a suit like whoa, which means major bonus points in our book.


6. @frederik_la: He鈥檚 the fashion director for Euroman and Eurowoman magazine in Denmark, AKA instant dapper-dad status. Besides occasionally showing off his understated yet pulled-together style, his account captures everyday moments and striking scenery across the globe.


7. @sartoriomerta: Khaled Nasr loves himself some smart tailoring and snazzy shirt-and-tie combos. And it鈥檚 not hard to see why. This look has stylish dad written all over it.


8. @billyschiel: Whether he鈥檚 rocking a hipster-inspired ensemble or a polished preppy look, this coffee roaster/husband/father鈥檚 fashion sense is definitely no joke.


9. @designerrabbi: A rabbi-turned-designer specializing in bespoke suits? It鈥檚 no surprise that Joseph Waks knows a thing or two about good tailoring. He breaks down all those 鈥渄ad style鈥 stereotypes with his amazing arsenal of custom suits and polished pocket squares.


10. @dkkd22: New dad Damian has the whole Euro chic thing down pat and he definitely knows how to accessorize 鈥 how cute is that baby carrier?

Do you follow any fashionable dads on Instagram? Tell us about them in the comments!