First question? Who the heck is Murphy and why does he have his own bed? Well, William Lawrence Murphy was an inventor who happened to be wooing an opera singer around 1900. At the time, moral code forbade women from entering a man’s bedroom so Murphy came up with a way to convert his one-room apartment into a parlor, enabling him to entertain. A genius move to get a girl to come home with you, don’t you think? ;)

It turns out Murphy Beds aren’t only reserved for kitschy apartments under the freeway. They’re actually a brilliant way to make more out of any small space, and can be customized in a plethora of different ways depending on your taste, the space you’re working with, and your budget. Here are 10 we’ve rounded up from all over the web.

1. Poppiboard Storage Bed (contact to order): How amazing would this be for a small office space or dorm room?

2. Hidden Desk Murphy Bed ($2,278): On the classic side of the coin, this is a less modern take on the Murphy Bed.

3. Dotto Bookcase Desk Bed ($6,661): We love the clean lines and extra storage that this option includes, even when it’s folded out as a bed.

4. Ulisse Desk Bed (contact to order): We love that they manage to make this Murphy Bed look anything but kitschy. Props to the interior designers for sure.

5. Moddi Murphy Bed ($8 for instructions): This is basically a glorified Ikea hack that anyone can do. So cool! (via Moddi)

6. Portable Hotel Room (concept): This concept for a hotel room includes a fold out bed, desk, and wrap around curtain for privacy. (via Tuvie)

7. Abbott Library Murphy Bed ($5,400): For a bed that needs to be concealed most of the time, this gorgeous bookshelf is a beautiful option.

8. Altea Relax Single Bed (contact to order): This one folds into a couch! So cute.

9. Lori Wall Beds ($790 and up): You can buy these wall beds customized for your space or can simply purchase the plans to make your own.

10. Lofted Folding Bed (contact to order): What happens when a Murphy Bed gets down with a loft? A lofted Murphy Bed! Win.

Bonus! Murphy Bed for Pets ($58): What about your furry friends? ;)

What’s the coolest Murphy Bed you’ve ever seen? Any other small space solutions you’d like us to tackle? Talk to us in the comments below.