Long gone are the uncomfortable, musty hideaway beds that no one wanted to sleep on. Today’s murphy beds can be as stylish as the rest of your home and can fit any decor. With all kinds of creative camouflage, it can blend right into (and enhance) your space. Perfect for small space living, these beds are easily customizable with added design options like an entertainment center, desk or storage cabinets and drawers. And since most of us don’t need a guest room most of the time, these 14 creative murphy beds give you the option to use that space for an office, craft room, or entertainment space.

1. Accent Colors: Paint the inside of the murphy nook a bright color for a fun way to accent the newly created “bedroom.” (via Trent Hultgren)

2. Dual Workspace: You won’t have to choose between pretty home office and convenient guest room with this modern murphy bed. We love how this DIY bed uses patterned wallpaper to create a feeling of continuity and makes it less obvious that there is actually bed against the wall. (via Vanessa Shaffer Designs)

3. Murphy Styling: Just because you don’t use the bed every day doesn’t mean it has to look neglected. Spruce up a murphy bed with crisp white bedding and a few fun throw pillows for a more inviting space. (via Live Simply by Annie)

4. Swivel Wall Bed: From shelves to bed, with a table as an option, this unit is a whole apartment on one wall. It easily converts with a simple swivel movement into an everyday bed that’s plenty big for two. (via Clei)

5. Tiny Spaces: Murphy beds can be the perfect solution for a studio apartment where your living room is also your bedroom, home office and dining room. (via Adorable Home)

6. King Size: Not just an option for the kids, a vertical king-sized bed will keep your guests sleeping well and smiling. (via Clei)

7. Literate Murphy: If you don’t have the luxury of built-in bookshelves, you can create the illusion of cabinetry by hiding the murphy bed between two tall bookcases. Now doesn’t that look like a cozy spot to curl up a read a good book? (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Make the Bed: The best part of this sofa/couch unit is you don’t have to remove the bedding when you fold up the bed. Tuck it away and it turns into a comfy sofa complete with a decorative floating shelf. (via Bonbon)

9. IKEA Hacked Murphy: Hey all you hackers, try making this super secret hideaway bed with Billy shelves. Just put the bookcases on wheels so you can easily pull them apart. (via IKEA Hackers)

10. Chalkboard Murphy: Make use of the underside of the murphy by putting a chalkboard or corkboard on the bottom. (via This Old House)

11. Incognito Sofa Bed: No one will ever guess that you have a queen bed hiding in your living room, tucked away inconspicuously between bookshelves and other built-in,. (via Resource Furniture)

12. Cottage Murphy: We could nap for days surrounded by this cozy wood paneling. Instead of adding side tables, this murphy bed utilizes the sides to make niches for holding lamps and other bedside necessities. (via House and Home)

13. DIY Modern Murphy: Another stunning IKEA hack, this murphy bed was designed and built using existing IKEA dressers with wooden paneling added above for extra style points. (via Design Sponge)

14. Bunk bed Murphy: Murphy for two? This unit gives you the option to have one or two beds fold out of the wall. And with that safety cushion on the top bunk, no one has to worry about falling off. (via Resource Furniture)

Would you use a murphy bed in your home? Talk to us in the comments below!