Normally we love an open floor plan, but when it comes to office spaces, sometimes we just want a bit more privacy than those trendy coworking layouts allow. And since nobody wants to work in a cubicle farm either, Ukrainian interior design community MZPA created The Planet. Falling somewhere between an armchair and a pod, the $3,350 Planet allows you to have as much (or as little!) contact with the outside world as you like. And since it arrives disassembled, it can be adapted to be open when you want to collaborate and closed when you need to recharge.

Want to zone out and enjoy a cup of coffee? The Planet’s comfy cushion extends high into the structure to encourage lounging (and maybe even a cat nap with or without actual cats).

The Planet is also ideal for getting work done. Interior lights, USB charging stations, and even a shelf for your phone and other necessities make the space infinitely adaptable. For introverts who find themselves in an office that favors communal spaces, the Planet is basically your new work wife.

And if you do your best work outside the office, or you’re just looking for a unique way to lounge outdoors, you’re in luck. There’s an option to include solar panels on the exterior so you can power The Planet poolside. It’s an especially nice feature in combination with the pod’s interior speakers.

For work or play, we love the idea of cozying up inside The Planet with our laptop or a book, and, yes, maybe a furry companion or two. After all, even introverts like a little bit of company sometimes.

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(Photos via MZPA)