With just a laptop and some WiFi, you can create a career path for yourself just about anywhere in the world. Working from coffee shops can be nice — PSL is a pretty great coworker — but if you make your living off your laptop, you might find yourself wanting a work environment that is a little more innovative and conducive to creativity. Communal offices offer flexible schedules, stylish meeting spaces and a desk to call your own without resorting to the kitchen table. Whether you’re looking for your next coworking space or just want some fresh ideas for your home office, check out these super chic coworking offices around the world.

1. Colorful Concepts: All the best ideas happen in the kitchen, so this office ditched the dingy kitchen cubby and made a wide-open counter space. Workers can gather to enjoy lunch together or throw ideas around over a decent cup of coffee. (via Contemporist)

2. “Make” Cool Things: Next time you’re in Dubai, take your laptop to this trendy cafe/office for some productive hours. Or you can just DIY your own inspirational marquee light and set it up in your home office. (via Make Business Hub)

3. Talent Garden: The name alone conjures up images of bright ideas popping up all over the place. Plus, there are beanbags! (via Talent Garden)

4. Gather Together: If you’ve ever wanted to work inside an Etsy store, then this is the place to visit. This little gift shop/coffee shop/coworking space is a place for locals, makers and entrepreneurs to gather, showcase their work and support one another. (via Gather)

5. Friends Work Here: Firstly, the name of this place just sounds like a cool place to be. Instead of coworkers, you get friends, plus a light, bright workspace that you can rent by the month. (via Friends Work Here)

6. Next Space: Stay away from fluorescent-lit cubicles by renting a desk in this open-floor space, located in various locations around California. (via Next Space)

7. Retro Seatown: One of the first communal offices in Seattle, Indie Ballard balances modern and fun with bright colors and some comfy seating options. The locale has an amazing walking score, so you can stroll to lunch in true PNW style. (via Indie Ballard)

8. Corner Office: Not only is this office all about supporting startups with connections and beautiful workspaces, but they are also passionate about sustainability. The workspaces are actually chosen for their natural light and efficient windows. Sorry, pooch not included. (via Huckletree)

9. Office for Her: This company describes themselves as “fanatical” when it comes to creating a beautiful workspace. On top of that, they’re an all-womens’ coworking space, which is pretty cool. They also offer lots of events, so you can keep your networking skills on point. (via Hera Hub)

10. We the Makers: No, we didn’t mislabel the photo. This is actually the kitchen at this communal office in Seattle. Can we please move in forever? The office was designed with history and sustainability in mind, with the hopes of creating an open and inviting feeling. They totally nailed it. (via The Maker Space)

11. Fittest Office: Who needs a coffee break when you can take an exercise break? If you live in Chicago and are trying to get more exercise in during the day, you’ll want to nab some office space here. Enjoy a fully functioning office and a gym all in the same place. (via Brooklyn Boulders)

12. Tete a Tete: As a designer, sometimes it’s better to meet clients in a stylish and elegant space rather than a noisy coffee place or at your dining table. With a membership at Coupar Consulting, you can drop in their lounge anytime, have access to computers with all the best software and nab a giant table where you can spread out all your grand plans. (via Coupar Consulting)

13. Work Style: With locations across the country, you’ll have access to more perks than you’d ever expect from a communal office. From beautiful conference rooms to free coffee, tea and fruit water, you will definitely not mind heading to work in the morning. (via We Work)

Have you ever used a coworking space? Tell us how it worked for you in the comments below!