If you’re dealing with period skin, a particularly bad breakout, or just a random zit that decided to ruin your day, a blemish patch could be just what you need. The targeted dots contain a ton of healing medicine and the bandage-like covering seals it in, so those pesky pimples heal up fast.

And when the power of a blemish patch is combined with the deep penetration of micro-needles, you get the needle patch. “A needle patch features tiny, needle-like protrusions that are actually made out of ingredients that address the skincare concern at hand,” says Jessica Jeong, brand education expert at Korean skincare company A’PIEU. “These products are conceptually derived from micro-needling, but they’re less abrasive and more hygienic because they don’t use actual needles and are for one-time use.” The needles ensure that the product is reaching the skin at the level it needs to in order to actually affect change, so you’ll see noticeable results in no time.

Don’t be scared though — the needles aren’t going to damage your skin or cause any discomfort. They’re often made up of ingredients like soothing madecassoside, which calms inflammation and stimulates collagen, along with hyaluronic acid, which intensely moisturizes and plumps up skin. Consider this a one-two punch for acne, but still gentle enough to use on sensitive complexions. When you apply the patches, you might feel a tiny prick for a few seconds when the needle touches your skin, but it’s really NBD.

When you’re winding down for the night, break out a blemish-blaster like A’PIEU Madecassoside Needle Spot Patch ($10) to smooth things over. It’s best to use after you’ve wrapped up your nightly skincare routine so you can sleep with one on. “You can wear a patch for eight to 12 hours, but because the needles will dissolve with wear, leaving them on for a full 12 hours will not do any harm,” Jeong tells us. Pop one on before bed, and by morning, your skin will be in much better shape than the night before. Score!

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