After the big night is over and the new year is under way, it seems a little sad for the party to end. So keep it going! When you wake up from a few hours of rest, New Year’s brunch is calling. What better way to help soak up some of the previous night’s cocktails than with a variety of rich and delectable brunch treats? From DIY dessert breads to Champagne with a scoop of sherbet, these 21 New Year’s desserts only come around once a year, so take advantage of the here and now — before those resolutions for healthy eating habits are remembered.


1. Coffee Doughnuts: The best of both worlds — coffee and donuts — combine in this perfect breakfast treat. On the first day of the year, no one is working out, right? Go for just a *little* more indulgence with these goodies. (via Hint of Vanilla)


2. 90-Minute Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls: Who wouldn’t be hovering over a pan of these sticky, sweet and fabulous rolls? These a.m. classics are a lip-licking treat to make everything right with the world. (via The Baker Chick)


3. Strawberries & Champagne Cake Balls: Strawberries, Champagne and GOLD DUST? What could represent New Year’s better than these beautiful bites? We’re pretty sure there isn’t a more perfect way to celebrate a fresh start. (via Sugar and Soul)


4. Tiramisu Cheesecake: A slice of cheesecake that includes ladyfingers dipped in espresso and Kahlúa sounds pretty heavenly. Is it possible to say no to a slice? Indulge with just a forkful (or four) if guilt starts creeping ‘round. (via Life, Love and Sugar)


5. Sparkling Cider Cupcakes: Okay so MAYBE there was a little too much Champagne to be had last night, but these cupcakes include a bit of bubbly you don’t have to fret over — it’s the non-alcoholic kind, sparkling cider. A resolution to cut back on the booze? No problem! (via Lil Luna)


6. Amazing Pink Marble Meringues: Light, fluffy, pretty and pink, these meringues are the perfect way to keep the festivities and a touch of fabulous going well into the next day. They’re easy to make too. (via My Food Blog)


7. Lemon Cheesecake Mousse: This lemony mousse is a bright way to start the day. Whisk that hangover away with a creamy, rich delight like this. (via Cooking Classy)


8. Cinnamon Roll Muffins: Cinnamon rolls without the fuss are ALWAYS welcome. These cinnamon-y muffins — with their sweetness and spice — are a great way to enjoy those beloved gooey rolls without the hassle. (via Some the Wiser)


9. White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle: Take a bite of this dessert and it’ll feel like every wish can come true. Just LOOK at these layers of fluff and cake and raspberry. It really is a sweet dream. (via Taste of Lizzy T’s)


10. Enchanted Black Forest Cupcakes: Two words: dark chocolate. What more needs to be said? Okay, maybe a few more words: These cupcakes include a scarlet cherry filling and a mile-high whipped topping. Mic drop. (via Julie’s Cafe Bakery)


11. Coconut Rum Banana Cake: It’s not really brunch without a banana cake, amiright? This cake is anything but the standard boring banana cake, particularly since there is coconut AND rum involved. It’s like a little trip to the tropics. (via Noshing With the Nolans)


12. Rustic Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Tart: This tart looks like a little bit of love piled into a flaky crust. Add in lemon curd, raspberries and cheesecake along for the ride, and we might hear the angels singing. (via Susi’s Kochen Und Backen Adventures)


13. Lemon Cream Cheese Danish: A classic Danish is a morning favorite, and simply *has* to make an appearance at brunch. How dreamy is it when the lemon curd is piled into a puff pastry shell with a lovely glaze over the top… to make everything right with the world. (via Home Made Interest)


14. White Chocolate Almond Crescent Rolls: Little crescents are AH-mazing with their almond cream cheese centers, white chocolate drizzle and pretty pearly decor… basically simple, yet amazing. Just one bite and you’ll agree. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)


15. Champagne Cupcakes: We know you want to keep the party going just a little longer. How? With these golden confections filled with Champagne flavor, that’s how. (via The Cupcake Daily Blog)


16. Layered Chocolate Tart: Impress friends and family with pastry skills — who knew? But really, no worries — there’s no need for pastry school experience in order to put together this sweet tart that only uses two ingredients (thank you, crescent rolls). (via Kendall-Jackson)


17. Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats: How elegant and festive are these bubbly floats? Again, there’s Champagne in the mix (notice a trend here?) — and it’s PINK! What a lovely way to start the day. (via The Cookie Rookie)


18. Coconut Almond Amaretto Crepe Cake: What a sight to see: layer upon layer upon layer of sweet, thin crepes stacked higher than high. The coconut amaretto buttercream slathered between each layer adds to the amazement. This is *definitely* a showstopper of a cake. (via Downshiftology)


19. Maple Belgian Waffle Cake: Brunch and waffles go together like, well, brunch and waffles. How ‘bout turning those bad-boy Belgians into a cake with maple syrup between the layers and on top? YES, please. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


20. Granola Breakfast Tarts: This ain’t your typical bowl of morning granola. No, siree. Here we have granola combined with a few other goodies, shaped into little tart shells, then filled with your favorite yogurt and fruit. These are a welcome addition to brunch for sure. (via Pheebs Foods)


21. Blueberry Almond Tart: A pastry that’s easy to make? Bring it on. This tart is similar to a Danish, plus it’s a delight thanks to a cream cheese spread, walnuts and blueberries. (via Gimme Some Oven)

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