Donald Trump has been doing things, as usual. Find out what they are as you get ready to go about your weekend. (Finally!)

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Western Pennsylvania

1. In a speech admitting he believes President Barack Obama was born in the US, Donald Trump lied twice: BuzzFeed writes that those lies were “first, that Clinton started the conspiracy theory, and second that Trump was the person to ‘finish’ it.” Trump was the face of the “birther” movement for many years and, as BuzzFeed notes, has referred to the idea as recently as this year.

Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon

2. But first, Trump went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and let the host tousle his hair: Last night the Republican Party presidential nominee made a pit stop on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show and allowed Jimmy to ruffle his infamous hair. The host has received significant criticism for what one Guardian writer claimed “humanizes a man whose hateful rhetoric has dehumanized millions of Americans.”

3. Young voters may like them, but Jill Stein and Gary Johnson won’t be in the first debate: Presidential candidates need to poll at an average of 15 percent support to be included in the televised presidential debates, and at least for the first one (set for Sept. 26), neither the Green nor Libertarian candidates made the cut.

Deutsche Bank Posts EUR 4.8 Billion Loss

4. Eight years after the fact, Germany’s Deutsche Bank faces a $14-billion fine for the 2008 financial crisis: A number of major players in the crisis have already paid similar fines, including JP Morgan and Bank of America. But DB might escape with a smaller fee in the end, because it doesn’t appear to have that kind of cash and no one wants to cause another collapse.

Edward Snowden Speaks Via Video Conference At Launch Of Campaign Calling On Obama To Pardon Him

5. Hollywood would like to see Edward Snowden pardoned, but Congress disagrees: Today marks the release of Snowden, which tells the story of how Edward Snowden went from working as an NSA analyst to leaking a trove of documents to independent journalists about the US government spying both abroad and at home. It depicts Snowden in a decidedly positive light, and in time with the film’s release, efforts to get him a government pardon have increased dramatically.

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