We’ve seen wearable bracelets, magnets, shoe sensors and rings, but the latest tech wearable Notch is actually invisible. Yes, that’s right, invisible… well, to the eye at least. Notch is a wearable sensor hidden in your clothing at hinge points around your body to capture and track your movement.

Each sensor is a little larger than a square inch and weighs less than an ounce. They’re designed to snap onto clothing at specific points of your body to best measure your movement. Multiple sensors can be worn for more accurate tracking by simply snapping them on in different areas. Notch has even designed its own line of apparel built specifically to house the sensors unnoticeably.

Whether you wear one sensor or multiple sensors, they capture and record movements to deliver feedback to specific body parts, like an arm or leg. This precise monitoring could potentially serve as a warning system for slouching, or even as a way to monitor stress. Data is transferred to your smart device via Bluetooth and is presented in a clean, colorful app that tells you your speed, acceleration and force. It also highlights specific parts of your body that were used most during movement.

Notch originally started as a Kickstarter campaign last fall, with contributions as low as $49 landing you one sensor, and $360 landing you a full body capture set. There’s no indication as to when this wearable will be back in action or ready to hit the market, but we recommend signing up for their newsletter to be the first to know.

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(h/t Tech Crunch)