We have been obsessed with fitness trackers and wearable fitness tech for quite a while, but now you can join in on the movement (literally!) without one. All you need is this new app called Human.

Human is designed to help you keep track of your movement, whether it’s walking, running, cycling, dancing or even driving. The goal is simple: move 30 minutes or more every single day (the Daily 30). For real… that’s it! And it’s really almost effortless, besides the whole moving part, because the app tracks everything for you automatically thanks to iPhone’s location services and movement sensors.

Unlike other complicated systems, Human has only one mission as an app: track and update you on your movement. So whether your phone is in your hand, pocket, bag or car, Human is at work, logging it for you and keeping you up-to-speed on your progress. No wristbands, no clip-ons and nothing to worry about misplacing or breaking, other than your iPhone, of course. It doesn’t focus on your steps or calories like other trackers do, it focuses simply on movement and how active you are each day.

The app will keep track of how many days you reach the goal each week, and will send you a notification when you’re on a streak with your Daily 30. It will also keep track of how many minutes you’re active beyond the goal as well. As more users join the app, the creators are using the information tracked to create super cool maps of cities based on their movement. And get this… so many people are using it that you can now even buy a map depicting pixels of early morning runners in London or rush hour traffic in LA in real time, all generated by Human.

If you’re into staying active, being healthy or just ready to rep your city via an awesome map like the one above, Human should definitely be next on your to-download list.

What do you think of this new app? Will you be downloading it to track your activity and movement? Share your thoughts with us below!

(h/t Tech Crunch)