Your phone does everything, right? It makes your dinner reservation or gives you a recipe to make your own meal. It keeps an eye on your caffeine intake, helps you brew the perfect beer and even gets you out of bed in the morning. And for the few things it can’t do, there’s now a case that can. And, it’s even in the B+C Shop!

The IN1 case ($45) is part Swiss Army knife, part portable Girl Scout. Totally prepared for anything, the case boasts a whopping nine incredible tools you never thought you could store on your phone. It has a smart design that allows it to pack all these tools without being clunky or obnoxious.

It starts with not one, but two pens! While everyone around you scrambles for a pen, you’ll be taking notes like a pro. The handy tools within the super sleek case fit neatly into the back so they’re there when you need them but totally hidden when you don’t.

Next to the pens you’ll find a toothpick, scissors, a nail file and two tiny screwdrivers. We have a feeling the case will be a big hit with the four-eyed crowd. The IN1 case aims to please. In addition to being crazy handy, it comes in black, white and clear and is available for all iPhone 5 models.

The best part? It manages to be just resourceful enough without breaking TSA rules. So take that baby to the airport without a care! And once you’re on the plane, you can use that smart built-in kickstand to catch up on all your favorite shows.

Would you use the IN1 case tools? Is there a tool you’d add? Let us know in the comments below!