Jake Gyllenhaal may be wrapped up in his current bro-mance with Ryan Reynolds (as well as his culinary competition with Blake Lively), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally reflect on his past. That includes his (rumored) relationship with Taylor Swift. And while the notoriously private actor usually refuses to answer ANY questions about his apparent ex, he has finally opened up about the sitch. Kinda.

Jake Gyllenhaal _ 2017

Hooking up near the end of 2010, we may forget that Gyllenhaal and Swift were a supposed item (we tend to remember her more dramatic relationships, like the time she spent with Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, and even Harry Styles). But in a recent interview with The Guardian, the actor was asked if he wants to keep his personal life private, why date “Taylor Swift [who] is renowned for using past relationships as source material in her songs.” In fact, “for someone so intensely private, wasn’t it playing with fire a little to start dating her?”

Although you might assume that Gyllenhaal would grin and refuse to answer, he actually had something to say about the sitch.

Taylor Swift

“I think when you’re in a relationship, you are constantly scrutinized, your friends are scrutinized,” he began. True enough. And that only increases a million times when you’re dating someone like Taylor Swift. Gyllenhaal continued, “But—” …But, what?! We get no closure, as the actor merely trailed off and then politely asked to change the subject. Well, then. *shrugs*

So, why doesn’t Gyllenhaal want to open up more about his personal life? He explains, “Well, I have a firm belief that I enter space with an open heart and a mind that’s strong enough to protect it. I’m not necessarily guarded, but I consider intimacy to be very important and I don’t think everybody needs to know about my family or my personal details. I’m old school in that way.” We TOTALLY get it!

What do you think about Jake Gyllenhaal’s “old school” ways? If you were famous, would you be private like Gyllenhaal or be more like a Kardashian (i.e. share nearly everything)? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Refinery29; photos via Tim P. Whitby + Gustavo Caballero/Getty)