The letter O is shaping up to be the hottest letter in the alphabet when it comes to baby names for boys this year. Just this past week, three high-profile parents chose creative baby names for their boys featuring the letter O. While the most popular first letters for boys’ names in the US are J and A, that trend could be changing. After generations of Jason, Jake, Mason and Aiden, the long “A” sound might be on its way out now that the top baby name in the US is all about the letter O. Scroll on to take a look at some of the O baby names for boys that are climbing the popularity ladder.


1. Owen: The name Owen certainly isn’t new. Owen Tudor, the grandfather of Henry VII, sported the name centuries before it caught on across the pond. Although it’s newly popular in the US, entering the Top 100 for the first time in 2002, it now ranks at a new high at number 36. Glee alum Heather Morris and husband Taylor Hubbell have stuck to modern staples when naming their boys. Their newest addition, Owen Bartlett, joins big brother Elijah.

2. Oliver: Sure Owen is catching on, but one of the hottest O names today is Oliver. A number one choice elsewhere in the English-speaking world, Oliver was given to more than 2,000 more American boys in 2014 than 2013 – nearly a 30 percent increase in use.

3. Noah: Noah, the number one name for boys in the US, has held steady for two years. It’s the first time a name with the long “O” sound has held the top spot. There’s only one other name that has come close: Joseph.

4. Joe: If expectant parents are out there wondering if this timeless name is just too average and ordinary for their baby, just remember that Joseph is an evergreen classic and it’s far from the only Joe name currently in vogue.

5. Jonah: Jonah is a great alternative to Noah and ranks in at 138 in the US.

6. Rowan: Rowan has risen rapidly for boys and girls over the past decade. It may be the best example of a stylish name that has managed to remain truly unisex. Anne Rice realized its potential when she chose it as the moniker for her heroine in The Witching Hour way back in 1990.

7. Lochlan: Journalist Lynn Berry married Graham Smith just last year and now the couple has welcomed their first child. Lochlan is every bit Scottish, just like dad’s name. Both Lachlan and Lochlan have gained popularity in the US in recent years. The “A” spelling is slightly more popular, but since the name comes from the Scottish word for lake – loch – the “O” spelling might appeal to parents who have embraced nature names like River.

8. Milo: While Oliver and Owen are popular and Noah is king of the hill, the most stylish place to put the letter “O” isn’t the beginning or the middle – it’s at the end. Milo is a rising favorite in the US. Similar-sounding Miles remains more popular, but quirky, medieval Milo could be the more stylish possibility.

9. Rocco: Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale went with an authentically Italian choice for their first child together. Rocco sounds tough, but the name was made famous by a 14th century saint. Madonna and Guy Ritchie led the way in 2000 when they chose the name for their son, but plenty of other high-profile parents have also embraced the o-ending name.

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This post was originally published on Nameberry by Abby Sandel.

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