The world of online dating is weird. Five minutes on Tinder will teach you that. Should your main pic be a photo of you in a floral jumpsuit or a classic neutral color (AKA the most popular color worn on Tinder) Should you message first? Is it normal that all his pics are shirtless selfies taken in his bathroom? Answer: no. There are so many new dating elements to take into account when you incorporate a little bit of tech. Sharing some insight into a few of the top trends that went down in the online world in 2015, OKCupid has put together a comprehensive survey packed full of some super useful tips. Here are three of the most interesting findings from their report.


1. Racial bias is the top deal breakers for daters. The online dating company that’s notorious for a very thorough questionnaire lists “Would you consider dating someone who has vocalized a strong negative bias toward a certain race of people?” and “Is interracial marriage a bad idea?” as the two the questions most likely to be marked “important” by users. The most popular response to both these questions was no.

2. Dad bod, fleek and ghosting are the three new words used most in 2015 dating profiles. While 2016 teen slang is all about using words like “lit” and “clutch” the online dating crowd’s favorite phrases are a little different. Okcupid defines the word fleek as “on point”, dad bod “a nice balance between working out and keeping a beer gut” and ghosting as “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication.”

3. The “face with cold sweat” is the emoji that has the highest reply rate. Well this comes as a bit of a surprise. OkCupid gives this face a 45% response rate. Following close behind is the tired face at 43.6% and the snoozing emoji also at 43.6%. We’re having a hard time imagining how the sweating face comes up so often when messaging on the website though. Here’s to hoping it’s not in response to too many cringeworthy pick-up lines.

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