In theory, wearing white jeans sounds great. A bright, crisp alternative to that dark denim you wear on a daily basis? Sure, we’re in. But once you take into account the fact that your morning commute involves public transport where mystery stains are found on seats on the regular and that you can hardly ever make it to work without spilling your coffee, the fashionable alternative sounds more dangerous than trendy. Because let’s be honest, going to a meeting with your CEO while wearing a new statement necklace and half a latté is basically everyone’s worst nightmare.


But alas, there is a hero in this fashion crisis and surprisingly, it’s Old Navy. The retailer has just released a new pair of white jeans that claim to be unstainable. Old Navy’s new “Stay-White” denim technology says it will repel stains and spills to keep your jeans looking sharp all day long, no matter how clumsy you are. The pants are made from soft denim and then treated with a stain-resistant wash, which in turn makes liquid bead up and roll off the surface, preventing major stains and potentially embarrassing accidents.

If a stubborn stain does manage to occur, you should be able to get it out in just one wash. However, wash wisely because it also mentions that the stain-resistant technology will perform through 20 wash cycles, which isn’t really so many if you’re one to keep jeans for years. However, considering the fact that they’re retailing for $50 a pair, buying two mid-rise life savers could be totally worth the avoided embarrassing moment.

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(Photos via Old Navy)