Let’s be real — commuting can be a total nightmare, especially when you’re running late. Walking through rain, dealing with delays and navigating through traffic are just some of the totally unglamorous realties of getting from point A to point B. Not to mention the plethora of fashion dilemmas that arise amid it all — picking an outfit that won’t get caught in the spokes of your bike, the age-old heels vs. flats debate and, of course, finding the right bag to tote around your essentials that is both pickpocket-proof, fashionable and comfortable. Believe it or not, there are ways to commute in style. These 22 items are here to make your morning (or evening) commute a little more pleasant, without compromising your style sensibilities.

If You Ride…


Public transport — a modern convenience, life saver and a major headache. Between the hours of 7 and 9 AM, while you’re trying to re-immerse yourself into the land of the living, you’re also fighting your way through crowds and channeling a contortionist to squeeze into that last square foot of space on the subway. Maybe it’s not like that everywhere, but the point is you want to begin and end your day on a good note. How to do it? Get a solid bag to tote around the goods. A bag with a slightly more complicated access point will make it less tempting for a pickpocket to try to get into, plus a medium size and a crossbody/top handle combo make it easy to keep close and in sight at all times. Running after the bus or up the stairs in the underground are easily done in stylish flats, while a trusty pair of headphones will let you listen to that guided meditation or playlist of pump-up jams to get the day started right. Origin’s Peace of Mind is a godsend after a stressful day and a glittery card holder will make sure those bus or metro tickets never get lost.

Mackage Jori-S5 Medium Cobalt Leather Satchel Bag ($495) + Zara Metallic Platform Bluchers ($119), Origins Peace of Mind ($12), Frends with Benefits Layla Headphones ($150), EO Natural Lavender Hand Sanitizer Gel ($4), iPad Mini 3 ($399), Diane Von Furstenburg Glitterati Tuxedo Card Case ($27)

If You Walk…

Walking to work is a great way to kick off the day; a little fresh air and exercise are perfect for waking you up and getting the adrenaline going. And while it might be a little less than ideal during torrential downpours or scorching heat, with a little thought you can take on anything that comes your way. We’re going to go ahead and advocate for sensible shoes here, but don’t take that to mean your style has to suffer. Opt for bold trainers that look like a fashion statement rather than clunky, ortho-inspired kicks that scream “I give up.” Practical-yet-fun rain gear is also a must. We’re loving this glittery number by Topshop that shows off your duds while adding a hint of shimmer, not to mention the hood is key for combatting funky, frizzy locks. Opt for a quality umbrella, like this Senz number, that will have your back even in 20+ mph winds. A roomy bag with comfortable straps makes it easy to tote around all your stuff — rain or shine — and a travel glass infuser with a durable poly exterior lets you sip your morning pick-me-up on the go.

Topshop Gold Glitter Plastic Mac ($85) + Senz Smart S Umbrella ($35), Libre 9 oz. Travel Tea Glass Infuser ($24), Nike Women’s Air Max Sneakers ($110), Brahmin Carmine All Day Tote ($265), Gentle Monster Lovesome One Sunglasses ($255), Apple Watch ($549)

If You Bike…


Biking is the happy medium between commuting on foot and taking the bus or metro. You get speed and convenience while reaping all the benefits of active transport. If you’re short on space or don’t have a place to stow your bike at work, a lightweight folding bike is the way to go. They can be pricey, but Citizen Bike has a bunch of crazy cute and practical options. A backpack is the easiest way to carry around your essentials, but don’t settle on something you wouldn’t be happy carrying around 24/7. Sleek design and materials in cool metallic hues are the answer. A helmet may not do much for your outfit, but they’re non-negotiable. Overade has developed a cutting-edge style that is not only minimalist, but also folds up to a third of its size, so you can easily tuck it into your bag. While Penny in Your Pants is utterly life-changing for the skirt- and dress-loving cyclist, sometimes there’s just nothing like a good pair of trousers. The pair above are specially designed with biking in mind, but they’re stylish enough to rock off the saddle. Ass Savers (aka mudguards) do just that — protect your backside from the aftermath of riding on wet streets. And since sipping on that cup of joe while you ride isn’t recommended, a spill-proof, insulated travel mug is the way to go.

Citizen Tokyo 6-Speed Folding Bike ($169) + Ass Saver Mudguard ($10), Topshop Lexi Round Sunglasses ($30), Overade Plixi Folding Helmut ($81), Swell Wood Collection Cabana Water Bottle ($35), David’s Tea Locktop Travel Mug ($30), New Look Gold Metallic Zip Front Backpack ($30), Outlier Women’s Daily Riding Pant ($198)

How do you commute? What are your travel must-haves? Tell us in the comments!