That old rule of avoiding white between Labor Day and Memorial Day is long gone (just ask Rihanna!), so get ready to bust those white jeans out of the back of your closet. Whether they’re skinny, flared, distressed or cuffed, they’re eagerly awaiting a chance to make their debut in your spring wardrobe. We’ve rounded up 10 solid ways to rock your white denim right now, so you can stop second guessing the style and start owning the look.

1. Chambray Shirt: We love the look of a loose top with tight jeans, and the whitewash color of this chambray shirt pairs perfectly with them. You can get a similar top at Old Navy for a mere $30. (via Fashion for Fashion)

2. Bold Patterns: Your white jeans are a blank slate. Why not pick a fun, flashy pattern to pair them with? If you want to achieve a copycat look, head over to ASOS and grab a similar scarf print blouse. (via Atlantic Pacific)

3. White Out: We wear black-on-black all the time, so white-on-white is fair game too. Try mixing textures like the pointelle sweater or chiffon shirt featured here to divide top and bottom. Loft carries a sweater that will help you make the look your own. (via Shop Style and Indulgy)

4. Denim on Denim: We’re not talking about that ever popular ’90s look of same-shade tapered jeans and matching jackets. This denim-on-denim is a trendy way to get some more use out of your favorite jean jacket, while steering clear of mixing colors and fabrics that are too alike. If you don’t have one, check out this Gap jean machine. (via Dust Jacket Attic)

5. Pops of Color: Anything stands out when it’s next to white, so this is your chance to sport all of those bright shades you’ve been dying to incorporate into the greatest color popping ensemble of all time. Pick colorful jewelry and accessories to go along with a colorful top, like this clutch from Etsy and this statement necklace from Miss Kate Spade. (via Mix and Match Fashion)

6. Graphic Tee: Grab your favorite soft tee out of the drawer, because now you have a stylish reason to wear it. White jeans seem to make everything look more fashionable, even T-shirts. Get the same shirt for only $20 and rock the look yourself. (via Style Caster)

7. With a Blazer: A simple blazer classes up white jeans in a big way. Grab yourself a similar blazer from Target. (via Mark D. Sikes)

8. With Neutrals: Whoever told you neutrals are boring was straight up lying. Neutral hues all go together perfectly, which means matching is effortless… and we love effortless. Recreate the look with a similar sweater from ASOS. (via Celebrity Street Style)

9. Kimono: If you’re like a lot of us, you might be a little nervous about the potential see-through factor of white jeans (or about showing off your booty). Your best bet is a long top, tunic or kimono that will hit you right at the top of your thighs, which is sure to make you look long and leggy. Rock the look with this step-by-step guide to make your very own kimono in whatever fabric you fancy. (via Leann Barlow)

10. Classic Black and White ($277): Black and white are timeless colors that go with pretty much everything under the sun. The options are endless with this duo. And this oversized sweater with distressed jeans is just one of the ways you’ll want to go.

Which way will you wear your white jeans this season? What’s your favorite look here? Leave us a comment and let us know.