Sometimes a Friday really is a Friday — it’s the end of a long work week, the beginning of a weekend and prime time for some eye candy. While we love serving up a random collection of GIFs in our newly minted T.GIF series, we’re taking today to give you exactly what you want. Ryan Gosling. Animated Ryan Gosling. Enjoy!

Hey girl, I’m so nonchalant and handsome as a I move my hair out of my face.

Ryan Gosling AND pizza. Dreams, people — dreams!

Giggles! Could Gosling giggles be any cuter?

But he’s also a tough guy, you know? ;)

The original swoonfest still makes us swoon.

He’s a bit of businessman.

Wait a minute, did one of the designers at Brit + Co. make this? It’s so on point.

What? Yes. We love you. We really do.

Oh no you didn’t.

Well done RyGos, well done.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this handsome edition of T.GIF. Happy weekending!