If you needed further proof that Beyoncé’s fan base is totally ageless, Olivia Wilde is here to really drive that point home. While making an appearance on the Ellen Show, Olivia chatted with everyone’s favorite talk show host about her son Otis’ deep love for the powerhouse pop star. Olivia explained that it all started after she needed to give Otis something to watch while they were on a plane. All she had on her iPad was a bunch of Beyoncé videos, so she played them for him – and the rest was history.

Olivia goes on to say that Otis loves Beyoncé so much, she’s going to be the theme of his birthday party. She tells Ellen, “It’s going to be a Beyoncé listening party appreciation dance-off.” Olivia is super supportive of her son’s newfound membership to the Beyhive, explaining, “His love for Beyoncé has really hit a fever pitch and I approve, of course. But it’s intense… He is absolutely in love with her.” Who isn’t, Otis? Who isn’t?

Being the generous soul she is, Ellen then surprised Olivia by bringing out all the party supplies you would need for a Beyoncé themed party. There’s a cardboard cut out, garland with her face on it, Beyoncé cups and plates and even a pinata. So, um… we just have one question. Where can we buy all of this?!

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(Photo via Rob Kim/Getty)