Poundcake Ombre Trifle Recipe

We will always have a fondness for everything ombre here at Brit + Co. Which is why, in addition to our ombre jewelry, cakes, and even tights, we’ve made an ombre dessert! If you’re tired of eating pie since Thanksgiving, this ombre trifle is the perfect dessert for you. Not only does it not require any baking, it’s delicious and beautiful. We just couldn’t resist. And obviously we put it in a mason jar to make it that much cuter.


– 1 lb store-bought pound cake

– 1 lb fresh seasonal fruits (we used strawberries and raspberries)

– 3 cups heavy cream

– 2/3 cup sugar

– food coloring

– round cookie cutter

*Note: you can also buy your own whipped cream if you don’t have time to make your own. If you decide to do that, then omit the heavy cream or sugar.

Start off by popping your mixing bowl (that you’ll make the whipped cream in) into the fridge. Then, cut your pound cake into slices. Cut them to how thick you want your trifle layers to be. Use the cookie cutter to stamp out round layers for your trifle. The height of your mason jar will tell you how many layers you need– we used 3 cake layers. Put your cake layers in the fridge when you’re done cutting to stay cool.

Now, onto the whipped cream! Combine cream and sugar in the chilled mixing bowl. Beat with a hand mixer until it looks like a cloud. It’ll first have bubbles, but keep mixing away until it’s smooth and pillowy. Once you’re done, separate the whipped cream into 3 different bowls. Add food coloring until you reach the desired color. We would recommend putting food color very sparingly in the first bowl, the lightest layer. We use toothpicks to drop a hint of color for the lightest layers.

Time to assemble the trifle! Essentially, a trifle is layered cake, cream, and fruit. You can arrange it however you’d like. We started with one layer of cake, a layer of cream, a layer of fruit, a little more cream and then started over again. Pile until you reach the top.

Then, you’re done! We garnished the top with a few raspberries to add some sweetness. Some other things you can add are chocolate, sprinkles, whatever your heart desires!

Poundcake Ombre Trifle Recipe

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