One of IKEA’s Most Recognizable Items Is Getting a Whole New Look
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One of IKEA’s Most Recognizable Items Is Getting a Whole New Look

Whether you’re a NORNÄS gal or a TILLFÄLLE lady, there’s one item at IKEA that everyone recognizes and we’ve all surely used at one point or another. One of the most iconic items from the world-dominating Scandinavian home retailer is getting a major makeover, and although it may not be their most stylish offering (yet!), the Frakta shopping bag might just be their most practical. And it’s about to look a lot different.

The folding, waterproof, super spacious bag is almost a must-have while doing your IKEA shopping and might seem like more of an afterthought than something you head to the store to pick up on its own. But at just $1, it not only helps you get your newly-bought treasures home safely, but it becomes an awesome grocery-getter, the perfect thing to tote your laundry around in and just what’s needed to hold your towels and beach ball when heading to the waterside.

They’re definitely not an eye-pleasing design, with their bright blue shade and yellow-lettered logo, but now you can say goodbye to the sorta-tackiness, because IKEA is introducing a super chic white and dark green checkered version coming out in 2017.

Looking much more like something we’d gladly pick up for a handy bag to have around, the new Frakta will remain the same price, while offering a heck of a lot more style.

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photos via IKEA + Getty)