If dyeing one’s hair went without consequence (aka damage to your hair), then a lot more of us may be walking around with hair that spans the colors of the rainbow. But the truth of the matter is that bleaching, toning or any chemical treatment can cause serious breakage and dullness to your locks — and no one wants that. That’s where the product Olaplex comes in to save the day and your colored hair.


Remember it — Olaplex. It’s a powerful-boarding-on-magical hair saving mix of stuff that can truly change the way your hair looks and feels. According to its website, Olaplex “multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds,” meaning it mends breakage that has been caused during chemical services and repairs the hair from the inside out. It’s essentially a “reset button” that promises to zap your hair back into shape. And it works on all hair types: gals with straight, curly, kinky, thick or thin hair will notice seriously increased strength and structure after usage.


Olaplex can be used two ways: With your hair coloring routine to repair and prevent the color or bleach from wreaking havoc on your hair or as an intensive standalone treatment to pre-treat future chemical services and deep condition. If you use it when you dye your hair, you add Bond Multiplier No.1 to your dye and then, after you rinse, use Bond Perfector No.2 as a super deep, breakage-reducing treatment. The final step, Hair Perfector No.3, is then the cherry on top of this totally restorative process: You use it as a deep conditioner after you color your hair or you can use it on virgin hair to prep it for future dye jobs.


Some colorists say they simply won’t color clients’ hair without having Olapex on hand — it’s that good. And honestly, that’s high praise. Next time you want to switch up your look, consider asking your stylist if he/she has Olaplex on hand or just wear a wig when you’re in need of an updated ‘do without the damage ;)

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(h/t Mirror)