You might be feeling tan and relaxed, but your hair may be telling another story. You see, while you’re splashing around at the seaside, catching rays and trying to tame frizz by arming yourself with styling products and your trusty blow dryer, your hair is taking a major beating. Chlorine, salt water, sun and added heat from styling tools can wreak some major havoc on your hair. But there’s still sunshine on the horizon. We’ve found just what your hair needs après summer sun. Get started by reviving your hair with these tips.

1. Malibu C Superior Swimmers Kit ($28): This kit is packed with all the tools you need to strengthen, nourish, protect and prevent damage caused by pool, spa or ocean water. Say goodbye to green hair as damaging mineral deposits and toxins are naturally removed and luster and shine is restored.

2. Soleil Sun Protection Regime ($119): Protect, repair and beautify your locks après sun with Kèrastase’s trio of after-sun/anti-damage shampoo, UV defense mask and micro-voile protecting spray to bring the ultimate in solar reversal to anyone’s hair.

3. Sun Care After Sun Moisturizing Spray ($20): You know the rule, right? Hair that’s been whipped around by sea, pools and sun may be difficult to comb out. If you force through the tangles, you may cause your hair to break. That’s a major no-no. Instead, you should grab this magic formula that detangles, adds moisture and shine and protects from heat styling. Spray it on your hair. Then, using a wide-tooth comb, begin working through your ends then moving up to your roots.

4. Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss ($9): A summer of sun may cause your hair color to lose its luster and shine. Brighten things up with a glaze that doesn’t come with a hefty salon pricetag. This temporary formula actually repairs sun-damaged hair by returning its texture. It also conditions for smoothness and shine. It’s easy to maintain, it can be done at home, it will reduce frizz and it’s totally on trend for fall… get glossy!

5. DIY Honey Hair Treatments: Summer is hot and drying which means we need to hydrate. This holds true for our hair, too. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture and is buzzing with antioxidants and nutrients to nourish our hair follicles and stimulate growth. Try out these DIY honey hair treatments that use common kitchen ingredients to quench your hair’s thirst! (via Everyday Roots, image via The Every Girl)

6. Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo and Conditioner ($30): After sun exposure, shampooing is the biggest cause of fading hair color. If you want to stay blonde, instead of orange or green, we suggest using a dry shampoo to cut back on drying and color damage. This particular ‘poo has a matching dry conditioner, so you can moisturize dry ends too.

7. DIY Hair Masque: The key to combatting dry, dull hair after a day of sun and swimming is to deep condition… got that? Condition, condition, condition! Thankfully with a quick trip to the kitchen and masque mixologist Samira Asemanfar’s tips on “hair food,” you can totally moisturize your way to silky strands, no matter your hair type. (via PopSugar)

8. Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil ($28): Oil and water don’t mix and sometimes that’s a good thing. This plant-based oil with SPF is the best way to protect your hair from sun, salt water and chlorine before you take a dip.

9. Don’t Blow It: Step away from the styling tools and give your hair a break by going natural a few times per week. It’s okay, you can do it — let go of the blow dryer and flat iron. Embrace your natural texture and prevent damage and breakage from added heat. If your natural hair is totally out of control without the help from styling tools, try tying it up in a topknot or loose chignon instead. (via WebMD)

10. Mend Your Ends: That tan is fading fast and your split ends are sending an SOS! Check out our tips and tricks to getting rid of dry, damaged ends and sun damage. (via Brit + Co)

When your tan fades what sort of attention do you give your hair après summer sun? Share some hot tips below.