Ahhhh, rosé. I lovingly call the rose-hued wine “summer water” because it’s just so damn good to sip on during the warmer months thanks to its light, sweet taste — all year round works, too, though ;) While a lot of people have found their signature wine preference (Ramona Singer, we know you’ve claimed Pinot Grigio by now), reds, whites and/or rosés might not appeal to everyone’s palates — but what else is out there?! Sit back, relax and get ready to pour yourself a glass of something totally different.


Orange wine is the new vino on the block, y’all, and for good reason: It’s unlike the typical wine selections we’re used to unwinding with from color (you guessed it: it’s orange!), to taste, to how it’s made. Before we get deeper into this: No, the orange color doesn’t mean that the wine tastes like oranges, but it does have a one-of-a-kind flavor that’s different than that of both whites and reds: It’s a dry wine that has a bit of a smokey taste to it. The distinctive flavor comes from the skin of the grape, which is not removed, and the fact that the grapes used for this particular wine are free from chemicals as they’re growing (yay for no chemicals!). While the acidity is similar to that of a rosé, clearly orange wine is in a category of its own.


There seem to be a slew of reasons to give orange wine a try: you’ll get a special flavor, look like you’re a budding wine snob (in a good way) and be drinking a glass of vino that’s a PSL-like, fall color. So swirl your glass, take a whiff and breathe in the distinct aromas of this wine — some people say it smells like a calmed down red, but you should be the judge! If you’re a cheese lover or enjoy light, white fish, cozy up with a glass of orange wine and let us know if it’s your new fave.

What is your favorite type of wine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t Gizmodo)