Fall has officially arrived and with it, a daily cup of Starbucks’ famous PSL. But anyone who has ever been inside a grocery store during autumn knows that our obsession with all things pumpkin spice doesn’t end with lattes (Trader Joe’s, we’re looking at you). Whether you want to infuse the flavor into a donut or your happy hour tortilla chips, there is literally a pumpkin-flavored version of everything. And now it looks like the PSL is moving from the food to the beauty department. Introducing: Pumpkin spice hair (yes, really).


Pumpkin spice hair (sometimes referred to as gingersnap hair) is typically characterized by a warm shade of red that definitely resembles the auburn tones of the season. The rich color has been a trending hashtag among hair stylist’s Instagram snaps for some time now. But what exactly differentiates “pumpkin spice” hair from just another shade of red? Colorist at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles Jessica Gonzalez clears up this burning question for us.

She explains, “‘Pumpkin spice’ can best be described as rich copper tones with hints of gold. Achieving this color might be a bit of an adjustment for those with more ashy tones in their hair. My favorite version of this is one that looks the most natural for the person, like it could be their own. It’s perfect for clients with fair or porcelain skin especially since it can help the skin appear less pink.”

pumpkin spice hair 3

If you’re all about letting your PSL obsession go to your head (ba dum tss), Jessica suggests mentioning a few keywords during your appointment. She says, “When requesting this look from your stylist, be specific on how copper or red you want the final look to be. Bring inspiration photos to help ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page.” She goes on to explain, “To create ‘pumpkin spice’ hair, I use rich, crème copper colors with a touch of gold, like the PRAVANA ChromaSilk hair colors for shiny, silky strands and long-lasting color.”

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(Photos via @salonjosephkenneth, @studiomehair and @jennamariee11)