The vino life chose you, you say? Then you know better than anyone that wine’s good by itself, but great when paired with other things (cheese, picnics and dates come to mind). Consider these gifts from the B+C Shop our wine pairing suggestions, complete with crowd-pleasers and spirited accessories.


1. DIY Cheese Board Kit ($50): This wooden board is your imagination’s palette. First, burn your own designs (we have a tutorial if you need guidance), then load it up with cheeses, apples, pears and crackers galore to pair with the wine of the night.


2. Large Olive Wine Punts ($30): We’re glad someone had the idea to upcycle wine bottles into drinking glasses. You might think it was you, but the times you drink straight from the bottle don’t count.


3. Yardbird Freaker ($10): Keep your wine chilled with this rockin’ little wine sweater. Upgrade the no-fail hostess gift by dressing your bottle up with this funky cover.


4. Napa Wine Tote ($44): This is an awesome way to gift wine and tote it in style. We’re having a hard time picking between this one, the rustic plaid, cheerful yellow and fall-friendly leaf print.


5. Cork Clutch ($56): We’ve seen a lot of creative uses for wine corks, and we can’t help but see their influence in the geo design on this clutch.


6. Deluxe Cheese Kit ($50): Take your love of cheese to the next level by putting yourself to a DIY challenge. With this many different types, you’ll be able to please even the pickiest of guests.


7. Vapur Wine Carrier ($12): Leave the bottle at home and pack this flexible carrier for your next wine-fueled adventure.


8. Picnic Set ($238): Take your date on a romantic food-and-wine picnic for two! While you’re at it, go all out and make a DIY cork serving board to bring along (tutorial here).


9. Less Whine More Wine Tee ($24): Here’s a mantra we can get behind, available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


10. Vaso Vino ICE ($50): This tipsy decanter is cleverly designed to aerate wine quickly — and it never tips over.


11. You Had Me At Merlot ($45): Hang this bold poster near your space to remind yourself that happy hour is only a few hours away. The striking red color will inspire deep, passionate thoughts.


12. Chevre Goat Cheese Plate ($25): Who says you need to wait for a huge social outing to enjoy a delish cheese plate? Fix yourself a very chic little snack after a long day. This kit’s got all you need.


13. DIY Mustard Kit ($30): This kit makes three flavors of mustard (one of which is wine!) to spread over crostinis at your next wine and cheese soiree.


14. Meal Without Wine Tote ($25): Who isn’t looking for a new tote for farmer’s market finds? This one is cheeky and gets the job done.


15. Soy Candle ($25): Poured into an upcycled wine bottle, this soy candle fills your home with the smell of a ripe orchard.


16. Artisan Wine Making Kit ($40): Becoming a vintner is easier than you think! May we also suggest making your own wine labels?


17. My Drunk Kitchen ($23): This must-read by Hannah Hart will give the foodie a whole new perspective on the role of booze in the kitchen.


18. Badass Winebag ($16): This wine bag gets an A+ for delivery, making it perfect for gifting.

What are your fave wine accessories? Let us know in the comments below.