If you were as thrilled as we were about the existence of rainbow bagels (not to mention any and every unusual bagel recipe you come across), then you’re going to adore the newest, possibly greatest thing ever to happen to our favorite chewy circular bread. Oreo bagels have hit the scene and OMG. This changes EVERYTHING.

Following in the steps of rainbow grilled cheese and donut ice-cream cones, the Oreo bagel is the newest Instagram food star and it’s not hard to see why. Coming from the ovens of Freehold, New Jersey’s The Bagel Nook, these bagels contain more chocolate-y cookie goodness than you could ever imagine. The marbled Oreo bagel is filled with both Oreo cream cheese and full-on actual Oreo cookies. Whoa!

These delicious treats are super DIYable in case you can’t get over to Jersey. Although Instagram user @hannahouimet did note, “Oreo bagel with Oreo cream cheese and Oreos inside. Hello all of my daily calories in one bagel.” Valid point. Perhaps this is an every-once-in-a-while, cheat-day sorta treat.

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(h/t Seventeen, photos via @nyc.food + @hannahouimet)