Rainbow Bagels + 13 Other Reasons to Carb the Rainbow
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Rainbow Bagels + 13 Other Reasons to Carb the Rainbow

First there was fairy bread, then there was cloud bread. What comes next? How can bread get even better than before? Rainbows, DUH! Starting with the coveted works of art hailing from Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store (seriously, models pose with their bagels as accessories for Instagram photos), we’re doing a few laps around rainbow food road. These 14 rainbow carbs you don’t need but *definitely* want are simply impossible to resist.

1. THE Rainbow Bagel ($3.95): If you happen to be so lucky to live in NYC, get your unicorn-loving self to The Bagel Store, STAT. Consider this a “run don’t walk” scenario. Bagel master Scot Rossillo’s swirled masterpieces are a sight to behold, so Insta likes are basically guaranteed. (via The Bagel Store)

2. Funfetti Cream Cheese: Don’t worry non-New Yorkers. Magic is mailable. Once these beauts cease breaking the Internet, you can order a baker’s dozen and whip up some funfetti cream cheese to stuff inside the rainbow. (via Studio DIY)

3. DIY Rainbow Bagels: Patience is a virtue, but some virtues are worth ditching when it comes to a rainbow slathered in full-fat schmear. So get ready to roll up your sleeves and start kneading. (via What Jew Wanna Eat)

4. Mini Rainbow Vanilla Bean Donuts: Turns out rainbow bagels are just the first stop in our quest for rainbow carbs. But we won’t leave you drooling for long! Rainbow donuts are just as Instaworthy. (via Just Baked)

5. Conversation Heart Donuts: Pastel rainbow donuts make the base for these Valentine’s Day treats. These might just be unicorn essence in food form. (via Aww, Sam)

6. Tie Dye Rainbow Donuts: Equally dividing dough into seven bowls, adding ROYGBIV food dye in the right proportions, struggling to get the rainbow look on point: Carb rainbows are a workout! Focus on the icing for a little less work and just as much of a WOW factor. (via Eugenie Kitchen)

7. Gluten, Egg + Dairy-Free Rainbow Donuts: Vegan, check. Gluten-free, check. Rainbow, check. These donuts are easy to make since they’re simply a stacked rainbow versus a rainbow-in-one, but they will still be the hit of any breakfast table. (via Fork & Beans)

8. Easy Rainbow Cake: Moving on to the next category of rainbow rounds is this rainbow bundt cake. No you did not ingest hallucinogens. This cake is actually that colorful. (via Just a Taste)

9. Rainbow Cake Roll: Sure you’ve seen rainbow layer cakes but this take on making rainbows delicious is so brilliant. Dessert has never been quite so pretty has it? (via Tablespoon)

10. Rainbow Challah Bread: If you can’t get a bagel for breakfast, why not try another Jewish delicacy in rainbow carb form? This rainbow challah is braided perfection. (via What Jew Wanna Eat)

11. Rainbow Cake in a Jar: Now you can have your rainbow cake and eat it out of a jar too. These individual portions of colorful cake are perfect for the on-the-go desserts you’ve always wanted. (via Babble)

12. Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies: How could we not include rainbow cookies dipped in rainbow sprinkles? That sugar spike you’ll inevitably feel will taste amazing. (via Tablespoon)

13. Double Rainbow Cake: Rainbow on the inside. Rainbow on the outside. It’s a recipe for colorful success and perfect for that birthday you’ve been planning. (via Brit + Co)

14. Rainbow Pancakes: Who doesn’t want stacks on stacks? Start your morning with the glory of the rainbow with a ROYGBIV short stack. (via I am Baker)

We want to see your creations (’cause there can never be enough colorful food picks on Instagram, right?)! Show us what you’ve got cookin’ with the hashtag #iamcreative.