We’re all for ice-cream-based awesomeness (take a look at Baskin-Robbins’ new ice-cream sandwiches, if you doubt us), but this new dessert may have actually crossed the line and gone too far. Or, maybe, it’s totally, gluttonously perfect. You’ll have to decide for yourself. The Good Food Coffee & Bakery in Prague has taken the world by storm with its ice-cream-filled donut cones. Yes, you read that right: ice-cream-filled donut cones!

The cones are in fact cinnamon-covered donut dough shaped to allow you to add ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and even strawberries and a cherry on top, according to the drool-worthy pics customers have been posting on Instagram.


It’s basically every dessert you love, all in one yummy cone! Can you handle it?


While this decadent dessert isn’t available stateside just yet, we’re willing to wager that some enterprising foodie will be jumping on it before you can say “viral craze.” Jus’ sayin.’

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(h/t Mental Floss; photos via @ekiem.de + @z0ya_h)