If the latest fashion brands and makeup companies are any indication, YouTube is becoming a go-to platform for creative makers and shakers alike. And with some of our favorite adventure-crazed brands taking to the trend, you can now find curated collections of cool product ads, helpful tutorials and overall epic videos. From big-name sports brands like Nike and Patagonia to thrill-seeking companies like GoPro and National Geographic, these YouTube channels will satisfy all your wanderlusting, outdoorsy needs. Go ahead and watch them to get inspired, be amazed and ready yourself for your very own outdoor adventure.

1. NikeWomen: This channel is just too fierce for any TV to handle, which is why it is on YouTube. Get motivated and active along with an amazing community of women athletes. You can also find out all about the new Nike+ Training Club app and the Nike Pro Bra Collection.

2. The North Face: Not only is this North Face channel perfect for product reviews and helping you select your next backpack or jacket, but it also features incredible videos of epic outdoor happenings. Check out their See For Yourself series to see what starts as a normal cab ride for unsuspecting New Yorkers then turn into a fun, daring adventure sponsored and outfitted by North Face.

3. GoPro: Still unsure about whether or not you should invest in a GoPro? Use their YouTube channel to check out the awesome footage that you can capture, like this extraordinary proposal that took place 10,000 feet up in the air. Seriously, GoPro or go home.

4. National Geographic: It doesn’t get more outdoorsy and adventure-filled than National Geographic. Their awesome YouTube channel brings their magazines to life with two- to three-minute segments on categories such as animals, science and exploration. Beware, major wanderlust is on the horizon.

5. Mountain Hardwear: It doesn’t get much more thrill-seeking than rock climbing in Greenland. Mountain Hardwear’s vids are full of extreme sports, gorgeous scenery and, of course, durable gear.

6. Volcom: Surf/skate/snowboard brand Volcom will make you want to quit your day job and move to Hawaii for a life of beach, sand and surf. Their “True to This” series contains mini documentaries on the people and consumers behind their products and will have you craving some sporty fun.

7. Specialized: We are pretty into all things bike related, so it’s no surprise that we are totally obsessed with Specialized’s YouTube. Pump up the pedal power with their bike adventures, reviews and super inspirational stories of how cycling has improved the lives of their customers. The “I Am Specialized” series — including the above video with Tara Costa from The Biggest Loser — is especially motivating.

8. Hippy Tree: Pretty much just what it sounds like, this brand is about spending time outdoors and being one with nature. Their seasonal collections are full of groovy outdoor adventures with a mix of rock climbing, tightrope walking, hiking and surfing.

9. Lululemon: Featuring tons of great product previews like this one, Lululemon’s YouTube will inspire you to get outside, run and maybe do a little yoga on one of their mats or swim in their new Spring 2015 swim line.

10. Columbia Sportswear: We know and love them for their warm jackets and puffy vests, but Columbia has a lot more going for them than just clothes. Their legendary #OMNITEN documentary tells the tale of 10 outdoor enthusiasts traveling all over the world to get lost in nature, culture and the sports they love. You can check out the full movie here.

11. REI: Our go-to, one-stop shop for all things outdoorsy, REI has a great philosophy and community. Subscribe to their channel for round-the-world adventures, cool member stories and great expert advice on biking, standup paddle boarding and pretty much everything hiking or camping related.

12. Athleta: Athleta, our beloved yoga and running goods store, has their cameras turned toward their designers, who are dishing on their latest products, fabrics and designs. Subscribe to be in the know for their up-and-coming gear and get inspired by their running videos.

13. Patagonia: Patagonia is known for their environmentally friendly philosophy and great quality products. Captivating videos on conservation and stories of athletes, their lives and the amazing Patagonia products that help them get through it is what you’ll find here.

14. Roxy: Go beyond your grade-school Roxy obsession by subscribing to their YouTube channel. They’ve got all kinds of goodies, including new collections, rad surf videos and lots of ladies shredding on all kinds of board sports.

Which YouTube channels got you inspired? Any cool ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

(feature image via Roxy)