We know a thing or two about toasting marshmallows, drinking hot apple cider (with rum, of course) and hiking all the way to the end of the trail. And this is the absolute best time of year to be camping. Campgrounds are quieter and the crisp fall air is just what Brit + Co ordered. It’ll be just you, nature… and all of your camping gadgets. Whether you’re outrageously outdoorsy or a fair-weather glamper, you’re going to want some/most/all of these things.

1. Poler Knapsack ($130): These sleeping bags might look silly, but they are perfectly practical for cooling fall temperatures. You can just live in yours all weekend!

2. Collapsible Coffee Drip ($13): Nothing kills a camping buzz like forgetting the coffee (or worse, resorting to instant coffee!), so this collapsible one-cup drip is perfect for brewing tasty pour-overs just like your favorite coffee shop.

3. Grill Station ($25): We’ve featured this baby before, and for good reason. This handy kit of containers keeps your raw food separate from cooked so you can reduce contamination and keep your cooking areas uncluttered. It also works wonders for overnight camping trips because everything can be pre-packed and ready to go as soon as your fire is. The set comes with a bonus tool caddy for your spatulas, meat thermometer and/or beers.

4. DIY Camp Chair Covers: Start thrifting old wooden camping chairs and blogger/maker Brittany Watson Jepsen will teach you how to make the cutest upcycled chair covers. (via The House That Lars Built)

5. Mini Hozuki Lantern ($40): Hang this deceptively powerful miniature globe lantern just about anywhere!

6. Fire Lighting Kit ($24): Billy Joel didn’t start the fire… but you will.

7. Campfire Color Changer ($10): Sure, sparklers and fireworks are fun when you’re out by the lake, but for a quieter light show, throw one of these color changing packets into the flames and watch the colors dance.

8. Road Trip Getaway Shirt ($118): Cool weather camping style begins and ends with plaid and flannel. Next time we hit the road, we’ll be donning this distressed top from Free People.

9. First Aid Kit ($89): While a first aid kit is something you hope you’ll never have to use, it’s important to have one. This box includes bandages, an emergency blanket and plenty of other important bits to keep you kickin’.

10. Pendleton Glacier Park Blanket ($188): Pendleton’s iconic striped style is our absolute favorite wool blanket. It makes any camping trip cozier (and 897548% more Instagrammable). (via Design in Bloom)

11. Jambox ($87): This portable bluetooth speaker will go anywhere with you. Even if you’re having a relatively unplugged camping trip, tunes are always a good idea.

12. Enamelware Mug ($14): Enamelware and camping belong together always. This cheeky mug will look great with some sweet speckeld red dishes.

13. Happy Camper Sweatshirt ($80): Camp Brand Goods has a whole mess of awesome camp apparel that’s every bit as cute as this sweatshirt is.

14. BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove with Charger ($130): This little camp stove is so powerful it can even charge your phone with nothing but the power of burning twigs. How amazing is that?!

15. Herschel Supply Backpack ($100): Classic, timeless and sturdy as can be, we love the Little America-style pack that comes in a huge range of colors, including this bright Malibu stripe that’ll be perfect for your woodland field trip.

17. Old-Fashioned Waffle Iron ($20): Gather ye waffle recipes, because you’re going to be throwing a lot of these delicious things in the campfire, thanks to this cast iron waffle press.

18. The Coolest: The most successful Kickstarter campaign to date. ‘Nuff said.

19. Ticla Rambler G.O.O.D. Sleeping Bag Kit ($200): Bundle up in this bundled sleeping kit that comes with a cushy inflatable pad and adorable chevron printed, three-season sleeping bag.

20. Marshmallow Twig Skewers ($10): Want s’more marshmallows? Of course you do, which is why you need this special stick to toast five at a time.

21. Fuzzy Plaid Sweater ($28): Channel your inner Brawny Woman with this wooly plaid sweater.

22. Why Knot Game ($6): Whether it’s Yahtzee, bocce ball or True American, you’ve gotta remember to pack your favorite camping games. Former Girl Scouts should have no trouble mastering this knot game after a few beers, right?

23. DIY Camp Stool: Loving this tutorial for a simple camp stool that would look just as pretty in your living room as it does out in the wilderness. (via Wood + Faulk)

24. Sandwich Tent ($655): It’s not cheap, but it does look like a sandwich… worth it.

Where are you going camping this fall? Let us know in the comments!