GoPro went public today, which means that the company, which makes the world’s best-selling camera, is about to go from extreme sports to everyday moment capturing. We wanted to celebrate GP’s IPO with some videos to inspire you to make your own mini movie masterpieces with the power of the light, waterproof, go-anywhere gadget. We want to distract you for a sec today with 11 of the best must-watch, gotta-share GoPro videos! Beware, some of these might make you a little dizzy. In a good way.

1. 360 Degree Video: Jonas Ginter used six GoPros positioned in a (woot!) 3D printed mount to create this trippy spherical panorama time lapse video.

2. Hello Kitty in Space: One young girl’s seventh grade science project is a must-watch, out-of-this-world (literally) video. See what happens when she launches Hello Kitty into the stratosphere with a weather balloon.

3. Johnny Neon “Hearts”: We could probably watch videos of GoPros strapped to dogs for hours, but this one isn’t just a bunch of puppies rolling around in the grass (don’t worry, there are a TON of those, too) it’s an entire music video that follows around man’s best friend on a Homeward Bound-type journey for a day.

4. Lion Hug: And we thought there wasn’t a video that could top the lion-human bromance going on in Christian the Lion.

5. World’s Best Women Freefliers: It ain’t a man’s world up in the sky and these women skydiving and free flying like it’s NBD prove that.

6. Duct Tape Surfing: There are as many GoPro videos of surfing as there are views of said videos (like, a lot) but this one is the most heartwarming of the bunch. After a car accident left her paraplegic, Pascale Honore’s dreams of surfing with her sons came true with the help of duct tape.

7. Full Circle: We are used to seeing GoPros document extremely cool sports and anything that involves flying up in the air, but this short film is all about fashion. Full Circle reveals a whole different POV while showing off London/Melbourne-based, sustainable fashion label Klezinski.

8. Hula Hoop: Speaking of circles… this hula cam video is one of our favorites and will definitely encourage you to show off those hula skillz at your next picnic.

9. Burning Man Drone: Yes, drones are cooler than you because they get to go to Burning Man. Seriously, has the festival, or a dessert, even ever looked more gorgeous than it does through the eyes of a Hero3 hitched to a DJI Phantom?

10. Time Lapse Road Trip: This isn’t the most polished or the most viewed time lapse video that exists online but we feel like it can easily inspire how you document your own summer road trip. These GoPro-ers took their camera on a road trip down Route 66 for a view of Americana sped up and beautifully shot.

Bonus: A fireman rescuing and resuscitating a tiny, dying kitten will restore your faith in humanity and cats.

Do you have a GoPro? Have you ever made anything we need to see… RIGHT NOW with one? Share the link below or Tweet it to us @BritandCo!