We’re all about adding unexpected pops of personality to our homes, and today we turn our attention to an often overlooked zone: the floor! Essential for dance parties, these 20 inspiring decor ideas will have all your friends dropping it to the floor.

1. Humlegarden Apartment: Every room in this apartment has a different color theme, but the same pattern. Perhaps we should do something similar at the new Brit HQ? (via Plenty of Colour)

2. Blue Stripes: Adorable for a boy’s room, this stripe pattern could work in any color scheme, and would look great in a powder room. (via House to Home)

3. Painted Brick Floor: Transform a tired-looking brick floor (or fake brick floor) into a rustic geometric pattern with a few coats of paint. (via Little Green Notebook)

4. Hand-Printed Patterned Floor: This either takes some mega stencils or a very steady hand and adds a beautiful handmade touch to this scene. (via Make:Zine)

5. Stencil Vinyl Tile: Hate the sterile-looking vinyl in your bathroom? Turn it into honeycomb cuteness with stencils and painter’s tape. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Colorful Stripes: This floor seriously speaks to us. It should be no surprise that it’s the floor of the Kate Spade store in Kansas City. (via Ampersand Design Studio)

7. Linoleum Striped Floor: More stripes? Yes please! This retro look is a great way to improve a linoleum floor. (via Design*Sponge)

8. Geometric Art: You might need to commission an artist for this one, but we think it would be well worth it. (via Matthieu Lavanchy)

9. Paint-Splattered Floors: Channel your inner Pollock with this messy design. (via Style Mummy)

10. Rainbow House: For some reason, these faux wood floors feel like a comic book that came to life. Love the red pops. (via Home Designing)

11. Checkered Wooden Floor: This combination of natural wood and black graphic checks is a definite kitchen win. It’s like having a diner in your own house! (via Interior Design World)

12. Green and White Stripes: And back to stripes we go! These add a modern touch to an otherwise pretty traditional seating area. (via Brides)

13. Geometric Pattern: Um, how cool is this? A total optical illusion, we love the graphic quality of this floor. (via NY Social Diary)

14. Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Pattern: Inspired by a traditional hex pattern, this hand-painted pattern has a magical vibe to it. (via House Beautiful)

15. Plaid Pattern: Love plaid so much you want to walk all over it? ;) (via The Pennington Point)

16. Hand-Painted Design: If you’re itching to take on a more-than-one-weekend painting project, this beautiful floral design is sure to inspire you. (via Alisa Burke)

17. Painted Woodgrain: Wish you had hardwood floors? Paint ’em right on. (via Vintage Revivals)

18. Script Floor: How romantic is this script-patterned floor? We dig it. (via Apartment Therapy)

19. Vibrant Floral Pattern: So. Much. Color! This is a big commitment for one floor, but we’re into it. (via Home Building)

20. Patterned Porch: And lastly, let’s take this floor party outside!! (via Sunny Goode)

Which of these painted floor ideas is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.