Summer Fridays are officially here, and we’re at last reunited with our much-missed warm weather wardrobes. It’s time to break out the florals, cutoff denim, and ALL the crop tops, because this season is about throwback trends and *lots* of fabulous color. To better plan and execute our most vibrant and fashionable outfits, we turned to the pigment and trend experts at Pantone and Pinterest to get the scoop on summer 2018’s hottest hues. Scroll on to learn the must-have shades to continue living your most stylish — and colorful — 2018 life.

1. Ultra Violet Rays for Days: ICYMI, Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year is a deliciously deep purple known as Ultra Violet. Celebs and fashion influencers the world over, have already taken to regularly rocking this edgy shade on the reg and this summer promises even more plum and periwinkle style. According to Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, “[Ultra Violet] has long been a hallmark of creative freedom, originality, and visionary thinking.” Deep purple is a symbol of the counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance — especially in creative fields. “We are living in a world going through significant changes, a world that requires imagination and inventiveness to break through,” says Pressman.

2. Not So Mellow Yellow: Color trends can also reflect generational moods. Case in point, last year’s millennial pink popularity that spanned from apparel and beauty to home furnishings and even food and drink (rosé all day, anyone?). This summer’s all about Gen-Z yellow — a color that is veering away from traditional gender identity. “What is most interesting about the popularity of both of these shades is that in each case these are colors that in the past would have been more closely associated with women,” says Pressman. “That’s not the case today. Color plays a key role in our visual identity and with our approach to fashion and style increasingly genderless and seasonless, each of these shade ranges has become a color phenom.”

3. Orange Is the New Gold: Rose gold, to be exact. And even though we love the pink metallic hue, we’re in the midst of an exciting shift to orange everything. Just in time for lemonade and lakeside lounging are all the deliciously bright tangerine, Vermillion, and peach-hued fashion lewks. This is specifically the case for orange sunglasses. “When it comes to shades this season, [Pinterest] saves for this summer-appropriate color are on the rise,” says Amanda Switzer, Consumer Communications at Pinterest. Since January 2018, search for orange sunglasses is up 154 percent, and search for orange-tinted sunglasses is up a whopping 368 percent. Orange you glad? We are!

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(Photos via Gotham/Getty Images, Christian Vierig/Getty Images, and Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/WireImage)