With the exception of a lip balm and an eye mask, I never had the need to move my go-to products from my bathroom cabinet to my bedside table because once I finish my skincare routine, I’m set for the night. Recently, though, a specialty argan oil has made its way to my side table so I can reach it at all times — I’m that obsessed. It’s become part of my new bedtime routine, and it’s not going anywhereanytime soon. Here’s why.

First things first: PARADOX Marrakech Liquid Gold ($65) absorbs incredibly quickly and deeply, unlike any other skin oil I’ve used before. After I apply a half pump of the vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid-enriched formula to my face, I instantly feel it fully soak in, infusing my complexion with much-needed moisture and creating a smooth, soft texture. After that, I add another half pump to the ends of my hair to give my parched strands extra hydration overnight. I wake up with stronger, healthier tresses that aren’t weighed down with a heavy treatment. I finish my nightly routine by rubbing the remnants into my cuticles and nails. The oil refreshes the dry skin and gives my nails a healthy sheen that I can still see when I wake up, which I especially love when I don’t have a mani. Despite using this oil liberally anywhere I need extra nourishment, I never wake up with pillow stains or leftover greasy residue, which makes it a notable standout from other oils.

Beyond the grease-free bedsheets, I appreciate this beauty buy because it lets me enjoy a mini aromatherapy session. I didn’t realize I needed this “me time” until it became a nightly ritual I now look forward to. After pumping the product into my palm, I deeply inhale to smell the earthy, herby, natural scent. Rose essential oil, which calms redness and soothes an angry complexion, gives it a subtle floral vibe that’s not overpowering — it’s light, lovely, and quite frankly, addicting.

The final reason I can’t get enough of this multi-tasking magic is because of its thoughtful design. Okay, yes, I am a total sucker for its gilded look that was made for a shelfie, but there’s more to it than that. It was refreshing to see an oil not come in the form of a dropper, which can lead to an imprecise application (especially if you’re reaching for it in bed). The pump was designed to lock in place, but the bottle also comes with a sturdy cap for extra protection, in case you knock it off the table in a sleepy haze or want to toss it in your purse. If it ever does leave my nightstand, which is unlikely, it’s nice to know that I can confidently tote it around with me everywhere I go. And I do mean everywhere.

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