You vowed at the beginning of the year to incorporate more fish into your weeknight dinners, and now’s the time to hold up your end of the bargain. We’re not talking fried fish and chips, although, you should probably do that every now and then too. We’re referring to healthy baked fish in parchment. Whether you’re adopting the pescatarian way of life or you’re just jonesin’ for those Omega-3s, these 18 “en papillote” ideas will have you wanting fish for dinner all week.


1. Fish Puttanesca en Papillote With Zucchini: The bright puttanesca flavors of tomatoes, capers, and olives are the stars of this dish. Be sure to use a firm whitefish like cod, sea bass, or haddock to stand up to the other bold ingredients. (via Williams Sonoma)


2. Baked Asian Mahi Mahi Packets: If mahi is your go-to when dining out, you shouldn’t be afraid to cook it at home. Season it with a honey-ginger glaze and wrap it up with shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, and baby bok choy. (via Eazy Peazy Mealz)


3. Brazilian-Style Moqueca Fish Packets With Coconut Milk and Tomatoes: You’ll get incredible flavor from this Brazilian baked fish. Serve it over creamy coconut rice with a caipirinha in hand and you’ll be instantly transported to Rio. (via Feed Me Phoebe)


4. Lemon Garlic Butter Fish in Parchment: You’re probably used to having lemon, garlic, and butter on your fish, but this way, there’s virtually zero cleaning necessary. Bake on a bed of squash and carrots to add even more nutritional value to your dinner. (via Eatwell 101)


5. Fish With Blood Orange and Thyme in Parchment: Talk about a stunning presentation. This whole trout filet on top of blood oranges is giving us all the heart eyes emoji. (via The View from Great Island)


6. Halibut With Artichokes and Tomatoes en Papillote: If you’re in need of a dinner party main course, this halibut is waiting for its time to shine. Each guest will be presented with their own pouch, which they’ll open themselves to reveal a jaw-dropping aroma and meal. (via Kitchen Confidante)


7. Baked New Potatoes and Cod en Papillote: Since cod is a thicker and more firm fish, it can be cooked alongside ingredients like new potatoes so you don’t have to prepare separate sides. (via The Pool)


8. Salmon in Parchment With Potatoes and Asparagus: You’re always looking for new and improved ways to slay the salmon game, and this is one of the ways you’ll do just that. Keep it simple and your restraint will be rewarded. (via The Pioneer Woman)


9. Mediterranean Fish en Papillote: Prep these Mediterranean fish packets before you leave for work and all you have to do is throw them in the oven when you get home. Pour yourself a glass of chilled white wine to sip on while it cooks and toast to a job well done! (via From a Chef’s Kitchen)


10. Mexican Fish in Parchment: The key ingredient to this tender fish is none other than Mexican light beer. Empty the packet (including the boozy sauce) over cilantro-lime brown rice or fill a corn tortilla for an epic taco Tuesday. (via Beyond Mere Sustenance)


11. Miso Sea Bass en Papillote: Once you try this miso glaze on Chilean sea bass, you’ll never be satisfied with less. Finish the dish with a sprinkling of chopped scallions, sesame seeds, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice before plating. (via Dishing Out Health)

Photo by Karen Tedesco

12. Provencal Fish in Parchment: If you want to feel like you’re dining on the French Riviera, this fresh-tasting sole is the way to go. Pair the fish with classic flavors of Provence, such as fennel, lemon, and tomatoes. (via Family Style Food)


13. Salmon en Papillote: When you cook at home for date night, you want to impress without making anything too heavy. This baked salmon is perfectly balanced AND the execution is incredibly easy. (via Pickled Plum)


14. Salmon, Orzo, and Arugula Pesto en Papillote: Did you know you can cook pasta right alongside your salmon in the parchment packet? This way, your whole meal is done at the same time and you don’t have to worry about a bigger mess. (via Raisin and Fig)


15. Spicy Asian Baked Swai Packets: Swai is a very affordable and readily available flat fish you can get in the freezer section of any grocery store. When you spruce it up with a spicy Asian sauce, you’ll have a dish worthy of a swanky restaurant menu. (via The Charming Detroiter)


16. Rainbow Trout and Pasta in Parchment: This kid-friendly trout is guaranteed to be loved by the whole family. The youngsters will love getting their own packet to open and you’ll be happy knowing that they’re eating a healthy meal from beginning to end. (via Seasons and Suppers)


17. Tuna en Papillote With Italian Salsa Verde: When you seal a tuna steak in parchment with lemons, onion, peppers, tomatoes, and a glug of white wine, the result is a lovely aromatic flavor. Finish with a spoonful of herbaceous Italian salsa verde before diving in fork first. (via Lexi Bites)


18. Wild Salmon, Asparagus, and Shiitakes in Parchment: Chefs swear by this method for a reason, so stock up on your parchment and make this salmon with asparagus and shiitakes ASAP. (via Cookbooks 365)

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