Springtime means party time, and party time means finger food. Sometimes these foods are on a stick, from the garden, made in a muffin pan, or all three. But sometimes, these foods hearken straight back to the classics, like peanut, peanut butter and jelly!

Yes, we've used that reference before in our PB&J Breakfast Smoothie, but does a song about the greatest sandwich every really get old? Nope, and neither does Peanut Butter and Jelly. Class up this classic treat by turning it into a whimsical platter of rolls. Bon appetit!


– 4 tortillas

– peanut butter (we used a variety of Chunky, Creamy, Honey Nut, and All Natural)

– jelly (strawberry jam, blackberry jelly, blueberry preserves, raspberry preserves)

– fruit for garnish

The step by step is pretty self-explanatory, but here we go.

Lay out your tortilla. Spread out one layer of peanut butter. Then spread out a thin layer of jelly. Roll it up as tightly as you can. About halfway through rolling, you'll probably find yourself with a bit of excess jelly. Scrape this off with a knife and keep on rollin'.

Now, cut your roll! The end pieces aren't the best for presentation, but still taste totally delicious.

For garnish, top with fresh fruits that match or complement the jelly.

How do you remake your favorite childhood classics? We'd love to try your recipes. Leave us a note in the comments below or tweet at us. And Happy Easter!