After scouring the web for fun ways to play with peeps, we couldn’t help but add a few extra packs of peeps to our grocery basket this week. But what happens when you combine a bunch of peeps with the classic Rice Krispie Treat? Peep Krispie Treat Baskets!


– 3 boxes of bunny peeps (or 1 bag of marshmallows + 1 box of peeps)

– 1 box of grape licorice vines

– 2 tbsp butter

– 1 cup shredded coconut

– green food coloring

– 2 cups Rice Krispies

– egg-shaped candy (jelly beans or chocolates)

– muffin pan

First, form your baskets.

On the stovetop, put 24 peeps and 2 tablespoons butter in a medium sized pot over low heat.

Once the peeps and butter are melted, fold in 2 cups of rice crispy cereal. Stir until mixed. Since we used all three colors, the baskets turned brown after a bit of caramelization. If you’re looking for colored baskets, use just 1 color of peeps and be careful not to over-caramelize.

Spray the muffin pan with non-stick spray or a light coating of butter. Split the mixture among 6-8 cups and press the mixture into each muffin cavity to form baskets. Work fast! It is better to form them into baskets while they are still warm. Leave in the muffin pan until completely cool.

In a separate bowl, add some green food coloring to your coconut. Mix around until the coconut is evenly green.

Now it’s time to assemble the basket! Grab a grape vine and put the two ends inside the basket to make a handle.

Stick a peep and some green coconut in the basket. Add a couple egg shaped candies – we used jelly beans but also love chocolate eggs.

And voila! A Peep Krispie Treat basket filled with coconut grass, jelly beans and the Easter Bunny! These would be perfect table decorations for your Easter brunch or a great tasty gift for friends and family.

Did you come up with any fun ideas for getting creative with Peeps? We’d love to see photos! Send a note to or tweet pics to @brit.

Caitlin Dunn has been craving sweets since the day she was born. She quickly learned to bake but realized that her true passion is all in the decoration. If not in the kitchen, you will find her crafting her latest project of the week. Living in San Francisco has turned her a little ‘green’ which has changed her creative focus to making one person’s trash another person’s treasure. She documents the intersection of baking, crafts, tea, and everyday life on her blog teaspoon.