It’s time to put the pie back in pie-oneer. Sure you want whatever dessert to whip up to be delicious, but it should make a statement with each slice, too. Whether you’re attempting a cookie cutter design or trying a new tool or technique for the first time, we applaud your creativity. Keep it up. Or we’ll get your imagination cooking with 14 of our favorite pie crust designs.

1. Fall Leaf Pie Crust: You’ve got plenty of time to perfect this before Thanksgiving. Combine pumpkin pie filling with the fall leaf decoration, and you have a winner-winner Thanksgiving dinner. (via Bella’s Banquet)

2. Spice Apple Pie: The whole rose-like swirl in the center is not made of crust — it’s actually apples. Minds blown. (via A Cup of Sugar. A Pinch of Salt)

3. Cranberry Pear Love Pie: Well isn’t this just the cutest pie you’ve ever seen? And to put a cherry on top, or should we say cranberry, it’s vegan! (via Savoring Spoon)

4. Mini Gluten-Free Cherry Pies: The colorful ramekins are almost as adorable as the mini lattice crust. Mini anything is always cuter. (via Jo Cooks)

5. Stenciled Pie Crust: A stencil on top of a pie crust — who would have thought? An artist can use the crust as their canvas and then eat it. Edible art is everybody’s favorite kind of art. (via: Designer Stencils)

6. Pumpkin Pie Cookies: Jack-o-lanterns all year round? Sure, why not? (via Building Buttercream)

7. Lattice and Leaf: The combination of classic lattice plus leaves give this pie a fresh spring vine. (via V and Co.)

8. Cinnamon Roll Crust: It might not be as pretty as the others, but hello? Cinnamon-roll pie crust!?!? Your sweet tooth is officially satisfied. (via Tablespoon)

9. Colorful Tree: Splashes of color make everything better always. Period. (via Family Feedbag)

10. Leaf Pie: You are going to have to dig through a lot of crust before you get to the filing of this pie, and you’re probably okay with that. (via The Story of Kat)

11. Patriotic Flag Pie: The Fourth of July is still a couple months away. Just remember, practice makes perfect. (via The Sugar Moon)

12. Stamped Pie Crust: This is the only kind of thank you note that your friends want to receive from now on. (via A Subtle Revelry)

13. Summer Blackberry Pie: Bust out the cookie cutters. If you’re not into flowers, rest assured, this beautiful pie crust can be made with any type of cookie cutter. We’re thinking unicorns. Yes, definitely unicorns. (via NommyNom)

14. Honeycomb Pie Crust: It’s the bee’s knees! (via Martha Stewart)

What’s your favorite kind of pie? Ready to top it with an artful crust? Let us know in the comments below.