25 Creative Cookie Cutters
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25 Creative Cookie Cutters

You know we love funny, geeky cookie cutters here at Brit HQ. But there are so many good ones beyond those that are tech-focused. We rounded up 25 of our favorite shapes. And check back later this week for our experiments in making our own cookie cutters!

1. 3D Safari Cookie Cutters ($10): What’s better than fun cookie shapes? Cookies you can build, obviously! You can have a whole safari with these cookie cutters—the come in elephant, giraffe, hippo, and lion versions. Or go pre-historic with the dinosaur collection.

2. Munchstaches ($10): Make after dinner coffee and cookies a bit more fun with these combination mustache cookie cutters and stamps.

3. Large Jar Cookie Cutter ($7): Take your mason jar obsession to a new level with these jar shaped cookie cutters. Now the question is how to ice them!

4. Gameboy Cookie Cutter ($5.50): Throwback alert! This Gameboy cookie cutter will have you reminiscing about the days of Tetris and Mario. Sweet!

5. Ninjabread Men ($6): Eat these cookies stealthily—you never know who might be stalking the cookie jar.

6. Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutter Set ($40): Show off your down dog in dough form with these metal cookie cutters. What’s even better? They’re handmade in Vermont.

7. Kolacky Cutter ($7): Make the traditional pinwheel cookies (made with sour cream dough, yum!) easily with this metal cookie cutter.

8. Side-of-the-Cup Cookies ($1.50 each): After dinner coffee will never be the same once you start serving it with a sugar cookie or two on the side—literally. The cookie cutters are available in starflower, or heart shapes.

9. Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set ($13): You know your ABCs, so now it’s time to eat your ABCs, and they taste delicious.


10. Star Wars Heroes & Villans ($10): Who wouldn’t want a Yoda-shaped cookie? Know that we do not.

11. Bikini Cookie Cutter Set ($6): Perfect for a pool party, these bikini cookies could easily be made into lingerie cookies for a bachelorette party.

12. Whole Grain Cookie Cutters ($8): You’ll get bonus points if you actually use whole grain cookie dough for these faux bois cookie cutters.

13. Tetris Cookie Cutters ($10): You’ll have to try really hard to resist the urge to play with your food when it comes to these Tetris cookies.

14. Letter Pressed Type Style Cookie Cutters ($12): Typography lovers with a sweet tooth, this set is for you!

15. Undead Fred Cookie Cutters ($5): Snap up these zombie cookie cutters in preparation for Halloween. You can’t go wrong with spooky sweets.

16. State Cookie Cutters ($2 each): Show your state pride with these cookie cutters. Bonus points if you serve them on these state plates.

17. Round Linzer Cookie Cutter Set ($8): Make it easier on yourself the next time you make Linzer cookies (our favorite are with raspberry jam!), by using this set. You’ll have a ton of options for the center shape.

18. Unicorn Cookie Cutter ($3): What’s not to like about this cookie cutter? It’s shaped like a unicorn and it’s purple. Consider it our new favorite.

19. Sherlock and Watson Portrait Cookie Cutters ($11): Fans of the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes (or just Benedict Cumberbatch) know that these cutters are a must-have. It’s elementary.

20. Like Cookie Cutter ($8): This tech-themed cookie cutter obviously gets a thumbs up from us!

21. Rainy Day Cookie Cutters ($7): The surest way to make a rainy day better? Cookies, of course!

22. Sunglasses Cookie Cutter ($2): Who can come up with the best way to decorate these hipster glasses cookies?

23. Tea Party Cookie Cutter Set ($4): We’re big fans of tea cookies here at Brit HQ, and these teapot and cup cookie cutters will be just perfect for our next party.

24. Cookie Stamps ($8): While not exactly cookie cutters, these stamps are perfect for basic sugar cookies. And aren’t they always made with love?

25. 101 Cookie Cutter Set ($15): If you want to be covered for every occasion imaginable, go for the ultimate cookie cutter set. You’ll get the full alphabet, and plenty of seasonal options.

Which are your favorite cookie cutters? Or what shape do you wish existed? Tell us in the comments!