Here at B+C, we’re all about the latest trends — fashion, tech and home decor, but most importantly, *food.* With the holidays a month away, we decided to kick off the season with the most decadent dessert that has ever been created. Drum roll please — the Piecaken! The piecaken (which is the dessert you eat after your Turducken) is made up of three layers of cake that each have their own pie baked inside. Crazy, right!? Don’t let the amount of sweetness in this dessert fool you; it is actually extremely easy to make. Follow along below to learn how to wow your guests this holiday season with this Piecaken recipe.

Piecaken Recipe


  • 1 chocolate cake mix
  • 2 vanilla cake mixes
  • 1 apple pie
  • 1 pecan pie
  • 1 pumpkin pie
  • 9 eggs
  • 3 3/4 cup water
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
Piecaken Recipe Ingredients


1. Prepare each cake mix separately by following the directions on the back of the box.

2. Spray your cake pan with non-stick spray and then pour 1/3 of the cake mix in the bottom of the pan. Spread the cake mix evenly in the pan.

3. Place the pie face down in the pan and then pour the remaining cake mix around the sides of the pie.

4. Bake in an oven for 60 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Stack the cakes on top of each other and cover in icing. Pour caramel sauce over the icing and then serve!

Piecaken Recipe Mix Gif

This cake is actually one of the easiest desserts I’ve prepared for the holidays. Follow the directions on the back of the cake mix, spray the pan with non-stick spray, add a light layer of cake batter to the bottom of the pan and then place the pie face down. Pour the rest of the batter around the edges of the pie and then bake for 60 minutes in an oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Piecaken Recipe Gif

Here it is again, because that pie to the face of the cake pan is just epic.

Piecaken Recipe Pies

A Piecaken is made up of three layers — vanilla cake with apple pie, chocolate cake with pecan pie and vanilla cake with pumpkin pie. Of course, you can mix and match cake and pie flavors as you choose ;)

Piecaken Recipe

Grab your cake stand and stack those cake-pies right on top of each other.

Piecaken Recipe

Use store-bought icing to dirty ice the cake.

Piecaken Recipe

Top it off with a layer of drippy caramel.

Piecaken Recipe

Amaze your guests even more with a fall floral cake topper.

Piecaken Recipe Gif

Grab your knife and cut into this masterpiece.

Piecaken Recipe

Are you drooling over this gooeyness? I definitely want another piece of this cake RN.

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre

Piecaken Recipe