Pain is not for the weak, and neither is Pilates. This ab-crunching, muscle-molding exercise routine is different from any other workout you’ve tried. While it shares some similarities with yoga, Pilates focuses more on developing long, lean muscles and burning those calories. So what’s not to love? The giant chunk of change that gets taken out of your bank account every month. Instead of spending half your rent on your fitness regimen, grab your colorful sneakers, your water bottle and your super-cute sports bra and get ready to bring out your inner pilates guru in your very own home. The 11 home gym essentials below will help you blast fat and put you in the right vibe to crunch, stretch and feel great.


1. Gaiam Deep Tissue Foam Roller ($35): Rejuvenate those tired muscles after a workout with a deep tissue massage, right in the comfort of your own home (and for less money too!). Foam rollers apply just the right amount of pressure to muscle groups, easing the pain and tenderness from your workout. Treat yourself — you deserve it.


2. Power Systems Portable Pilates Reform Bar ($45): Don’t eat up floor space in your home with bulky workout equipment when you can achieve the same results from a lightweight system. This portable reform bar can be toted with you in a gym bag or while traveling, so you’ll have no excuses for not working out.


3. DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner: Freshen up your yoga and Pilates mat with an easy-to-make yoga mat cleaning spray. You can sweat to your heart’s content knowing this eucalyptus-infused cleaner is only a spray away. (via The Chic Site)


4. The Firm Pilates Band ($16): Ditch the bulky weights and make simple resistance bands your new workout friend. With this workout band, you can change your resistance level by changing the placement of your hands. Get ready to show off those shaped arms and sculpted abs.


5. Aeromat Deluxe Pilates Ring ($18): Bring on the burn anywhere with this portable Pilates ring. You’ll be able to work any muscle group, even while you’re on the go.


6. Stott Pliates Toning Balls ($24-$40): Portable and lightweight, Pilates toning balls are ideal for creating long, lean muscles without the bulk. They’re available in a variety of colors for whatever workout style you’re in the mood for.


7. TPE Eco-Friendly Yoga/Pilates Mat ($20): Salute the beautiful morning and burn calories longer with this cheerful workout mat. Created with comfort (and eco-friendliness) in mind, this Pilates mat is extra thick. There are several different colors, so you can choose the one that will make you feel the most inspired.

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8. Bose Bluetooth Speaker ($130): Set the tone of your workout with this stylish Bluetooth speaker. You can get down with whatever tunes motivate you *and* take your workout to the next level.


9. Yogitoes Yoga Mat + Towel ($64): Versatility meets Pilates in this workout mash up. For anyone on the go, carrying one less thing can make all the difference. Doubling as a yoga mat and towel, this mat will let you work out without slipping and have you feeling good about it since it’s made from recycled materials.


10. Pilates Spring Board ($445): Getting the resistance you need to achieve those results just became easier with this Pilates spring board. Ideal for any Pilates enthusiast, it’s an easy wall-mount, meaning your floor space is still usable for other activities.


11. Stamina AeroPilates Premier Stand With Free-Form Cardio Rebounder ($500): Bring out your inner Pilates nut with this easy-to-use Pilates machine. It’s perfect for someone who wants to try new poses, and you’ll be able to quench your thirst for Pilates while minimizing the impact on your joints other workouts could have.

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