Okay, you want to work out while watching Netflix, but you’re having small-space apartment issues. Like, “I can’t fit workout equipment in my apartment but I also can’t afford a gym membership” type issues. Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t make home workouts work — you just need to get creative. There are a bunch of ways to fit a home gym in your apartment, with options like tucking yoga mats into a small nook or utilizing vertical storage. No, you won’t have your favorite trainer coaching you, but you can binge on Revenge while burning calories.


1. Exercise Organization: Set up Exercise HQ with a big white board and a place to keep your workout routines. Having a system where you can check off a daily accomplishment makes a huge difference when you’re working toward your fitness goals. The brightly colored sticky notes make it fun too. (via A Bowl of Lemons)


2. Make a Wall of Mirrors: Mirrors in the gym aren’t just great for showing off your new workout outfit (although that is pretty nice too). Adding a few full-length mirrors will make a tiny space feel double the size and more like a real gym. (via In My Own Style)


3. Vertical Storage: Open shelves are a great option for taking the storage to the walls and avoiding clutter all over the floor. While you probably won’t be storing kettle bells or weights on wall-mounted shelves, they do provide the perfect place for towels, yoga supplies or a good sound system. (via Home My Design)


4. Corner Gym: If you have a corner, you have all the space you need for a cardio workout. Mount a pegboard on one wall and use it to hang towels, ear phones and other gym accessories. DIY a grid of clipboards to hang proud progress photos and workout sheets. (via Polished Habitat)


5. Hidden Gym: If your workout space happens to be the living room, it’s nice to have options for hiding all your gear once you’re done. Use an ottoman to stow away your gear and add wheels to make it extra easy to clear a space for your cardio bursts. (via Apartment Therapy)


6. DIY Yoga Mat Rack: Having your equipment easily accessible makes a huge difference in whether or not you actually make time for your workout. If you have your yoga mats ready to go and beautifully displayed, you’ll actually look forward to setting aside time for your practice. (via Gray House Studio)


7. Separate Storage: Use storage bins or a cabinet with multiple nooks to keep all your gear organized, but in plain sight. It might even keep your jump rope and resistance bands from forming one huge knot, but no promises. In addition to hiding storage bins, open shelving is a good place to keep workout towels and other equipment. (via P & G Everyday)


8. DIY Workout Barre: Embrace your inner ballerina with a hardcore barre workout without even leaving the house. Barre is the most efficient way to achieve that long, lean and toned look, and it’s super easy to DIY a barre of your own. (via Interiors by Kenz)


9. DIY IKEA Hack Yoga Rack: Get your mats off the ground and use extra large wall brackets as a sneaky storage space. Once you’ve set up the top of the shelf with music, a good yoga app and a few other accessories, you’re set. Home gym? Psh, you’re all about that home gym shelf. (via iHeart Organizing)


10. Yoga Space: All the pros tell us that it’s not what you’re doing so much as the fact you did it. If you’re really tight on space, yoga is a good workout option since you only need enough space to roll out your mat. And maybe a spot to prop up your iPad with a great yoga app. (via Gym Flow 100)

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